The Hardest Choice Is Usually The Right One


We’re two beautiful people sharing the same moment in time.

When I fell in love with you, every fantasy I have ever had died.  Fantasies are just what they are.  They’re fantasies.  When I fell in love, everything I ever dreamed about will became a reality.  I live my fantasy.  Therefore it will no longer a fantasy.

I know I’m in love with you everything I do is to impress you.  I will be the best version of myself without corrupting the integrity of who I am.

I know I’m in love because I’ll find myself making concessions.  I think of doing things that I never thought I would do, or do again.

I know I am in love because I am ready to compromise.

I understand that love is extremely fragile.  It’s not as powerful as you read about in Harlequin novels.  True uncompromising love can be destroyed.  I’ll do well to remember that.  My love is be righteous because I subscribe to that theory.  I love because I respect that theory.

Contrary to popular belief, love does NOT conquer all.  Cliche.  I do suppose it can build a bridge.  I reckon it can’t be hurried.  It most certainly stinks sometimes.

I am loving myself into absolute abject insanity.  But can you think of a more sincere way of loving someone?  My insane love will not persecute me.  The insane love that encompasses me with its all encompassing insanity encompassed by more love will always be there for me.  It’s a crazy adventure, that will begin at you with one, and end in infinity.



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