Echoes Of Retribution


How many of you are being turned inside out with animosity?  Someone wronged you.  They messed with you.  You want retribution.

Oh right.  So what you’re telling the offender is that they touched your life so deeply, that you’re going to do the same in return.

How about this?  Be happy.  Wait now.  Don’t update your Facebook status claiming out of control happiness, hoping your nemesis gets wind of it.  Nine times out of ten they know you’re full of crap anyway.  Truly happy people are just truly happy.  They don’t need the validation of people to legitimize their happiness.

I often muse at what the world would be really like if people were as happy as they claim to be on Facebook.  I’m sure their crippling exaltation isn’t an attempt to frustrate someone who is equally unhappy.

Anyway, when the product of your vindication notices you’re happy, it will mess them all up.  It will eat them because they know they’re not happy.  The reason they tried to to make you unhappy in the first place was because they need you to feel the way they feel.  What they are too stupid to realize, is they can’t fix themselves by breaking you.

Being mean and hurtful to someone is kinda like peeing your pants to stay warm in Antarctica.  It will make you feel better for a few minutes, but then…

I can’t think of a better way to get revenge.  Remember, you have to genuinely be happy.  Not just walking around and grabbing someone by the collar and screaming, “I’M HAPPY!”, in their face, knowing full well you’re not.  If you don’t believe yourself, they’re sure not going to believe you.

Now start getting even!!

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