Doug Hell is dead.



Doug Hell is dead.

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The Ghost Was Sad And Sang Out Of Key Like Me

unnamed (5)“there’s a girl who sing like an angel, but I’ll write her under the table.. she hides behind someone elses words” –
“killing is such fun.. that’s how the west was won” –
“a cunt is an alternative to loneliness” –
“in time I’ll pass away.. face down in the dirt, reciting the lord’s prayer but I forget the words.. the meaning of life is never to live” –
“there’s a heart in my head where my brain should be” –
“bloom for me so I can bleed you.. so I can heal you” –
“I know you never asked for this, well neither did I.. but time don’t mind and fate don’t care so why should I?” –
“if my existence offends you that’s good.. genius can often be misunderstood” –
“I partied with the DEVIL and I partied with the pope.. I partied with the lord but he forgot to bring the dope.. and he broke his fucking halo falling down the stairs” –
“how can I forget your kiss… how can I forget your clit…  how can I forget that face you made when you came?” –
“sometimes when it rains I think you’re crying, cuz of something I did” –
“misery doesn’t love company, misery quite simply doesn’t wanna be miserable anymore” –
“I found the land of milk and honey but I’m lactose intolerant and diabetic.. paranoid with balls and nerves of steel” –
“would you believe me if I told you I was sad today?” –
“tomorrow was such a long time ago” –
“the ghost was sad and sang out of key like me” –
“that’s right cunt better get that bitch a purse” –
*I puked on your shoes and you turned and you smiled.. we went back to your house and passed out in our own vomit… all in all it was good fun but it stunk” –
“it wasn’t so much the chords as it was the words, or that sad little pre-chorus prefaced by a somber verse, or that bridge that can be crossed by a show who lives in the shadows” –
“my higher power’s not a God but a psychiatric muse, you best get the fuck out of my way” –
“the nauseous truth is that I traded my youth for all these scars” –
“my neurotic downfall has an iron will” –
“I don’t believe in God but I believe in you” –
“when you’re dead I’ll finally feel alive” –
“I’m gonna fuck you up… girl I’m gonna fuck you up” –





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Merry Christmas


Christmas Present List:

– 50 dollar Xbox card
– laptop
– stereo speakers
– Seagull acoustic guitar
– guitar accessories

I guess I was a good boy this year.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Green Jello Suxx

10203272403951208Here are some pics from the Green Jello tour. Naturally I look sweaty and sexy.

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Rock And Roll Dreams Don’t Die Easy

Stephen Harper

You people kill me.  Everyone is blubbering over Stephen Harper, and his whole singing thing.  They were talking about it on the radio at the gym.  It’s on the internet.  In the news.  Everyone is statusing about it.

I’ve heard a lot worse from you guys.  Harper is a much better musician than he is a Prime Minister.  But he’s also a much better musician than 95% of you.  So stop crying, and go practice.


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Dance Like No One’s Going To Put It On Youtube


Hi. I’m going to keep it simple and safe until I get my own site up and running. Here are some Facebook statuses. 

People accuse me of speaking my mind far too often. But in actuality if I did that I would have nothing to say.

I just got busted pissing in the bathroom sink. Talk about embarrassing.

Dear Hollywood. I really don’t like what you’re doing with vampires and schizophrenia.

Drunk people run stop signs, high people wait for them to turn green.

I might stop going to the gym to burn calories. It takes less effort to set a fat kid on fire.

Oh lovely. The T and G keys are wayyyyyyyy too close together on the keyboard. I’ve been sending out letters to potential employers all day and ending them in “Regards”.

Last night I was laying down looking at the stars. Ordinarily that would make me feel tranquil but I was relishing in the sheer panic of wondering what the fuck happened to the roof of my house.

WTF?! You kidding me?! FINE! T-E-I-A-M! There is now!

DO NOT read this Facebook status.

“The greatest thing about Facebook, is that you can quote something and totally make up the source.” ~ Jimi Hendrix

I have an oven with a ‘stop time’ button. It’s probably meant to be ‘stop timer’ but I don’t touch it, just in case.

Dance like no one’s going to put it on Youtube.


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Another Body For The Fire


Fucking tearjerker.

The Walking Dead finally tears your heart out, after relative quiet as far as the main cast dying goes. Bob Stookey wasn’t a loss. No one’s heart hurt.

But we just lost Beth. She went from being a really annoying supplemental cast member to being a strong, and noble, cutie-pie who finally showed up in Season 4, as someone you can love.

Much like Carol, I couldn’t wait till she became zombie fodder. Also much like Carol, I came to love her as the show went on. You didn’t really get to see her shine until she spent all that time with Darryl, who is easily the most popular future-member of the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

Thanks for your magic, Beth.

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