Lead Them To The Light


I’ve started a songwriting team called, These Bionic Servants.  This is a demo called “Lead Them To The Light”.  It’s for an upcoming television series.  I think we really knocked it out of the park.  I may have written it but it’s the stellar musicianship of Cheryl Stiles, and Derek Giberson, that really brought it to life.  The two of them will be a part of These Bionic Servants.  There will be many, many, many more songs to come.

Musically speaking, this is the best thing I’ve ever been a part of.  After slugging it out in bands for years, this is the most fulfilling because the creative process is what I enjoy the most.  I am fortunate to have found my calling and look forward to creating many more soundscapes in the future.



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Just Then The Lord Himself Appeared With A Blinding Flash Of Light




I don’t believe in flippant relationships.  I’m all in or I am out completely.  I can spare three seconds to be cordial but that is about it.  I am respectful.  The people I care about get the best version of me.  You might do well to remember that.  You’ve asked people who are fortunate enough to have my respect how they can be friends with someone like me.  Have I answered your question enough?  I’m proud of the way I am.  I know it doesn’t suit your criteria of a decent human being.  It’s not nearly as convenient as being the person who is constantly smiling and pretending they’re so happy to see you at some bar on a Friday night.  But that’s not me.

*   *   *

Did you know that someone you know doesn’t need your permission to date one of your exes?  Friend or foe.  It doesn’t matter.  You don’t have the lordly right to stop ANYONE from being happy in a relationship.  Who is to say that THEY weren’t meant to be together?  Just because your relationship didn’t work doesn’t mean theirs can’t.

*   *   *

Smile.  Always.  It makes good people smile right the fuck back.  It pisses off bad people.  You can’t lose. 🙂

*   *   *

Don’t judge people.  Don’t you ever judge people.  You have no idea what kind of war they’re fighting.  You have no idea what they’ve been through.

*   *   *

I am a monster.  I admit this.  I am out for myself.  Everything I do is for me.  I don’t let anyone hold me hostage emotionally.  Love for me is an art form, and not a way of life.  Love is something I build.  It’s something I nurture and I do what I have to do to help it thrive.  There will be casualties.  That is no concern of mine.  Sink or swim.  If you’re not with me, you’re against me.  If you have a problem with someone I love, then you have a problem with me.  You best get out of my way.

*   *   *

Stop shunning people with mental illness.  They didn’t choose to be the way they are.  They don’t think they’re cool for being the way they are.  They are dealing with a situation they didn’t create.  Back off.  You “normal” people couldn’t handle what they go through on your best day.  There is no amount of money or thuggery you can throw at the problem.  They can only use methods to make their situation more livable, but they will never, ever, ever be ok.

*   *   *

It’s a shame that it took me this long in my life to stop giving people chances.  I’ve been too forgivable my whole life.  I’ve never ever been one to sweat the small stuff and I get over things way too easily.  Perhaps it’s the narcissist in me.  I’m so into myself that I forget and forgive too easily.

Not anymore.  That is as good as it’s going to get.  You are, and never were, a significant part of my life.  You are deleted from my memory.  Your name no longer rings a bell.  No more apologies.  You are no longer entitled to the awesome entity that is known as me.  You’re cut off.  You don’t get a drop of the goodness I bring into your life just from knowing me.  Your name will never be mentioned in my book of life.  And it kills you because you know you’re missing out.  Do your best to bring me down.  I’ve survived nightmares that would make you crawl under a rock and cry.  You’ll never take me down.

*   *   *

Love the one you’re with.  If you are positive your partner is the one, then make it so.  Don’t love them.  Worship them.  You build a bond that is invincible.  You give your absolute best to this person.  You stand by them.  If someone else doesn’t approve of your significant other than they better shut up about it.  If they’re stupid enough to say anything to you, or somehow protest, then see the previous paragraph.

*   *   *

Let’s do this.


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Living In The Shadows Of My Aspergers


Hi there.

It’s 1015pm on New Years Day.  I didn’t do anything last night.  I definitely have a mild concussion.  I was in bed well before midnight last night.  You should see the girl I woke up next to though.  Damn.

Some of you may have noticed this site is now littered with typos.  It’s out of control.  When this site was switched over to a dotcom, it seemed to muck a whole bunch of stuff up.  The host and I are working on that.  Yeah, we have to go through every damn blog and make corrections.  So if you notice anything out of sorts, please feel free to email me and I will remedy it at once.

I love this new site.  I have to do very little.  I just have to blog.  Then rest of it is moderated by my provider.  All I have to do is open this site up and type.  Every other thing is someone else’s problem.  That’s a nice break from running shit on my own.  Also email me if you want to get in touch with me.  Don’t use the comments section as a venue for getting a hold of me.  I’ve been informed some of you have been trying to reach out via comments.    I don’t read them.  Again, someone else’s problem.  A part of the conditions of me switching to this site was having the comments moderated.  I disabled them on the old site to neuter someone who was being abusive.  But I was assured I was better off allowing comments and making this site more interactive.  So I relented under the condition my comments would be moderated.   Believe it or not, I am very sensitive.

I thought about uploading my songs but truth be told, I’m not very proud of them.  I am not talking about the song quality.  I’m talking about the production.  Shotty production is something I used to be ok with.  I used to leave all my hiss and pops.  I figured fans come to expect the same thing from me in person.

That’s changed.  I am re-recording everything.  I will still stick to my minimalist ethos, but I am going to make sure the quality is a lot better than what you’re used to from me.  Those songs deserve better production.  So stay tuned for all that.  I’m very busy right now with other musical endeavours, but I haven’t lost sight of my precious Doug Hell songs.

Thanks for tuning is guys.  I’m going to close up my Facebook page soon.  I will leave up the fan page but I am going to close my personal one.  That’s a whole different story for another day.

I hope there is as much love and light in your lives as there is in mine.


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You’ll Never Dream Again My Dear


2014 started with a ripe bang.  Hanging Girl hit the stage in Oshawa, January 4th, live at The Moustache Club.  We sold out the venue.  As far as a band goes, we were in our prime. Scott Argyle manned the traps.  Geoff Thompson rocked the bass.  I was on guitar and we were fronted by the explosive Sick Girl.  To this day, that was one of the most incredible shows I have ever been a part of.

Hanging Girl.

Hanging Girl with the original line-up.  Live at The Moustache Club.




Unfortunately it was all downhill from there.  Personnel changes were our undoing, in a big way.  Scotty was replaced by the uber-technical human metronome, Edin Ibric.  Edin was flawless and incapable of error, but there was really no heart in his playing.   I would look back at him several times during a gig and there he was, with the facial expression one might have reading a phonebook.  He just wasn’t Scotty.  Scotty was a wild-man and all heart.  As unpredictable, and unreliable as he could be, he never let us down live.

Geoff’s replacement was the complete opposite.  He was an absolute MONSTER on the bass.  He had a menacing bass tone.  He had a great stage presence.  It was too much though.  Much like Scotty on the drums, he was all offense and no defense.   James Ware just couldn’t keep it in his pants.  He came from legendary Toronto hardcore band, Dirty Bird.  When I think of James Ware on bass, I think of a steam roller crashing down the Queen Street Hill in Hamilton with no brakes.  James was one of my biggest bass playing influences for a long time, myself being a natural bass player.  But he just wasn’t the guy for Hanging Girl.

Geoff Thompson may have looked like an eggplant.  Geoff may have had the dumbest sense of humour, and the stupidest ideas you’ve ever heard (next to mine), but he was a rock solid bass player.  Geoff was the type of bassist (think Geezer Butler, John Paul Jones, Flea, Mike Watt), that made a second guitar unnecessary.  He had a groove and wrote the smartest bass lines I’ve ever heard in my life.  His absence in the band was instantly noticed.  Geoff Thompson is easily the best bass player I’ve ever played with. I wouldn’t hesitate to ring him up for any project.

Michael Flynn, also from Dirty Bird, came in on second guitar.  Mike is one of the most talented guitar players I ever met in my life.  I had always been a fan of Mike’s guitar playing.  He had a great image too.  He looked like he was 16.  He was ageless.  However his guitar work in Hanging Girl was thin and uninspiring.  He favoured single-coil guitars over humbuckers.  The guitar sound of Hanging Girl was built on the depth and ferocity of humbuckers.  He was also more given to the sound of tubes, which also conflicted with the Hanging Girl sound.

This was the line-up that would open for The Mahones, and The Misfits.  We also played another sold-out show in Oshawa.  It wasn’t the same.  The magic and chemistry was gone.  We had another show coming up with Lee Aaron and knew there had to be a change.

Michael Flynn moved over to bass.  The change was instantly noticeable.  Two guitars were really mucking up the sound.  Michael Flynn was a natural on bass and had a beautiful dirty tone.  We rocked the Lee Aaron show, thoroughly blowing the doors off of every other band on the bill.  But that was pretty much the way it was every show, even with our later inferior line-up.

At this point Hanging Girl started losing steam.  There was way too much and too fast.   In the span of 5 months we opened for Molly Hatchet, The Mahones, The Misfits, and Lee Aaron.  There was really nowhere to go from there.  It was either step it up and sign to 604 records (Theory Of A Deadman, Maranias Trench), or continue to slug it out playing street level shows.  I decided it was time to pack it in.  I had turned 41 at this point.  It was getting old like me.

Musically I would remain dormant until the summer.

In July I found myself living back in Hamilton.  I had a mission.  I had reconnected with old friends, Brian Fowlie,  The Fulton Sisters, Karen Halsey, Jay Prentice, Chris Crash, Mike Badgley, and Pat McHugh.

I got a call from Brian Fowlie.  Green Jello (Green Jelly to idiots) needed a bass player.  Would I be interested?  Hell yeah!  I had a week to learn a set’s worth of material.  I learned them in two days.  It was really easy because Green Jello were one of my favourite bands.  I knew all the songs to listen to them.  I was ecstatic when he gave me the list of songs we would be playing live.

Green Jello Suxx

Obey The Cowgod

Rock N Roll Pumpkin

Anarchy In The UK

Electric Harley House Of Love

Carnage Rules

Orange Krunch

The Bear Song

Misadventures Of Shitman

Three Little Pigs

The tour was great.  It also made me some new friends in Bill Manspeaker, Rob Gabriele, Andrew Lauzon, and Dre Vogler.



Marked Mayhem.

Marked Mayhem.






The most relevant human being on the planet.

The most relevant human being on the planet.

Green Jello live in Windsor.

Green Jello live in Windsor.

Well now I’m living in a remote town that doesn’t even have traffic lights.  I’m not rocking in any bands, but I am doing soundtrack and score work.  That is extremely fulfilling for a cat like me.  As much as I love performing live, I love the creative process the most.  Also, that is where I shine.  You’ve heard some of my work in commercials.

Lastly, I am engaged to a beautiful woman.  Inside and out.  Visually and personally, she could take your breath away, and I am honoured to be with a woman as powerful as she is.  Together we have made decisions to improve the health and quality of our lives.

Thanks for tuning in, rapscallions.  May 2015 bring you plenty of love and light.



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