Living In The Shadows Of My Aspergers


Hi there.

It’s 1015pm on New Years Day.  I didn’t do anything last night.  I definitely have a mild concussion.  I was in bed well before midnight last night.  You should see the girl I woke up next to though.  Damn.

Some of you may have noticed this site is now littered with typos.  It’s out of control.  When this site was switched over to a dotcom, it seemed to muck a whole bunch of stuff up.  The host and I are working on that.  Yeah, we have to go through every damn blog and make corrections.  So if you notice anything out of sorts, please feel free to email me and I will remedy it at once.

I love this new site.  I have to do very little.  I just have to blog.  Then rest of it is moderated by my provider.  All I have to do is open this site up and type.  Every other thing is someone else’s problem.  That’s a nice break from running shit on my own.  Also email me if you want to get in touch with me.  Don’t use the comments section as a venue for getting a hold of me.  I’ve been informed some of you have been trying to reach out via comments.    I don’t read them.  Again, someone else’s problem.  A part of the conditions of me switching to this site was having the comments moderated.  I disabled them on the old site to neuter someone who was being abusive.  But I was assured I was better off allowing comments and making this site more interactive.  So I relented under the condition my comments would be moderated.   Believe it or not, I am very sensitive.

I thought about uploading my songs but truth be told, I’m not very proud of them.  I am not talking about the song quality.  I’m talking about the production.  Shotty production is something I used to be ok with.  I used to leave all my hiss and pops.  I figured fans come to expect the same thing from me in person.

That’s changed.  I am re-recording everything.  I will still stick to my minimalist ethos, but I am going to make sure the quality is a lot better than what you’re used to from me.  Those songs deserve better production.  So stay tuned for all that.  I’m very busy right now with other musical endeavours, but I haven’t lost sight of my precious Doug Hell songs.

Thanks for tuning is guys.  I’m going to close up my Facebook page soon.  I will leave up the fan page but I am going to close my personal one.  That’s a whole different story for another day.

I hope there is as much love and light in your lives as there is in mine.


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