I Know Love Is Blind But I Can Assure You The Neighbours Aren’t

I feel like a bad person sometimes.  I see those people driving around in monster trucks and it gets me wound up.  Gay right?  I know.  Some guy that used to play in Radar Hate, used to drive one of those Fast And The Furious cars.  I know that’s not the proper name for it.  I think it was an Audi or something.  But it was neon green and just absolutely ridiculous looking.  Opinion, I know.  Who am I to call something ridiculous that someone else could possibly like?  On top of that, what kind of man lets himself get all gayed up about someone else’s preference of vehicle?  Especially when this person has zero car and an expired driver’s license.  MEA CULPA!!

*   *   *

I think a really neat hobby for a really negative person would be to come up with irritating and creative ways to say “no” to people.

*   *   *

So Edie and I are in year four together.  This so far is the longest commitment I’ve had to a pet.  I’ve had two dogs die on me.  Both of them hit by a car.

Kahlua was a black German Shepherd.  She was a retired security dog.  She was retired because she had a hip displasia.  She was in great shape otherwise.  She was only two years old when I got her.  Whenever I left the house I told her to “watch”.  She would sit alert staring at the door until I came home.

I slept during the day because I was working nights.  On one of these days in question she escaped the backyard while my girlfriend at the time was on the phone.  She ended up getting hit by a car.  I rushed her to the animal hospital.   They couldn’t save her.  Cost me five hundred bucks and she still died.  I was devastated.

Carly was a black rottweiler/lab cross.  She was beautiful.  She was as black as a silhouette, and was identical to a rottweiller with her ears and tail done.  Some horrible biker people had trained her to be a fighting dog.  The SPCA intervened and I adopted her.  Her name was actually “Harley” but I changed it accordingly.

Her and I were best friends.  Only problem was my tiny apartment, and she had separation anxiety.  On top of that she hated anyone tattooed.  Strangely enough, she also hated black people.

Her behaviour was also unpredictable.  She bit my friend’s girlfriend in the face.  I thought that maybe being in such a small apartment might be stressing her out.  I mean the place was small.

A good friend of mine took her into his care.  I could see her any time I wanted.  He had a big house and a huge yard and room mates.  She loved her new home, but I was still her best friend.  She would go mental every time I came to visit.  To make a long story short.  She ended up getting hit by a car too….  But not on my watch.

Edie is a lapdog.  She is a shitzu-poodle mix.  I paid a thousand dollars for her and I love her to pieces.  I’ve never been so close to another animal.  I worry about her dying someday though.  I know that sounds lame but it’s true.  I just love her so much.

I hope she doesn’t get hit by a car.

*   *   *

I hope you are all as happy as I am.

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