And I am back on a desktop computer.  I had horrible luck with laptops.  In October I bought one that was a used hunk of crap.  I put over two hundred dollars into, alas, it remained a hunk of crap.  This was in November.  Luckily I got one for Christmas.  Well I didn’t like that one either.  It just wasn’t fast enough for all the gaming and video editing I like to do.  So I got this brainwave to just bite the bullet and get a desktop computer again.  Enough was enough.

Well I dropped the laptop two days after I put it up for sale.  At first the thing was slow.  But after a couple of days it went back to normal.  I know.  That’s not how technology works right?  Wrong.  The thing was working better than ever.  So naturally I got a call from someone wanting to buy it.

I told the guy that it had been dropped and I couldn’t sell it in good conscience, even though it didn’t seem to have any problems.  The dude came by and picked it up.  He told me that if it still worked ok in a few weeks he would give me some money for it.  What a nice guy….

So to make a long story even longer, I am back on a desktop.  I gave money to a geek friend of mine and told him to build me the best computer he could.  He did just that.


My office is rocking now.  I will be referring to it from here on as my Command Center.  I will blog and comment with impunity.  The only thing to stop me now is death.  I quit smoking cigarettes on March 6th.  I don’t smoke weed.  I have had two beers in 2105.  I’m a good boy.  This should increase my longevity, even if it’s just for a little while.

*   *   *

Watchmojo is driving me up the wall.  I was watching a top ten on Tom Hardy’s performances.  Guess what was number one?  That friggin’ Batman movie he played Bane in.  Come on, man.  Really?  That shouldn’t have even cracked the top ten!  Tom Hardy!

Another thing that vexed me some was they had this top ten for inappropriate songs to play at a wedding.  Ball And Chain by Social Distortion was on that list.  You stupid, stupid, people.  Ball And Chain is about HEROIN.  They deduced it was about a bad marriage.  Why?  Because the song was called Ball And Chain.  I turned it off after that entry.

What in the bejesus is wrong with me?  How does a forty two year old man get all bent about such silly little things?  It’s sad.  I actually lamented about the Watchomojo thing on my walk today with Queen Hell.  Here we are walking down by the lake and I am growling about Watchmojo and their boobery.  She suggested to me that I take that undue hostility and put it into some kinda online show or something.  Kinda like shit I’ve done in the past, minus the ninety nine per cent vanity project.

Things have to be entertaining to everyone.  Not just me.  I used to make these stupid online movies and I am pretty sure I was the only one entertained by them,

Here’s the kicker though.  I know I can be entertaining to everyone when I behave like an imbecile and rant my face off about everything in general.  The only problem with that is a lot of feelings get hurt.  Or people just get pissed off at my diatribes and become mean-spirited.  That is not the behaviour I want to inspire, even for mere entertainment value.

I’ll give the idea some thought though.  I know I can pull it off.  I do have my hands in a few other projects.  There’s music.  There’s writing scripts.  Alright, I’m getting tired.  I must lay my weary bones.  Have a good night all.  You’ll be hearing from me again soon.

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