I missed your skin when you were east.

*   *   *

Watchmojo is ruining my life.  If it’s not their inaccuracies and lack of research, it’s the things they get right.  Today I learned that mosquitoes are the deadliest creatures to man.  That’s right.  Those horrible mosquitoes are responsible for more human deaths a year than all the other dangerous things on the rest of the top ten.  And spare me you pseudo-intellectual mooks.  We know humans are technically animals and they’re responsible for a lot more deaths than mosquitoes.  Or are they?  Geez, I don’t even know.

I hate mosquitoes.  But they love me.  My blood type is O.  They love that.  So for those of you who wonder why mosquitoes are eating the crap out of you and leaving everyone else alone, there you have it.  Mosquitoes have favourite blood types!!!  I know.  It stinks but it’s true.  But I thought of a solution.  I am going to start breeding frogs, bats, dragon flies, spiders, and any other little creep that kills mosquitoes en masse.

*   *   *

I love old Sesame Street songs.  My favourites are I Don’t Want To Live On The Moon, Born To Add, and Telephone Rock.  Born To Add and Telephone Rock make me smile like an idiot.  I Don’t Want To Live On The Moon practically reduces me to tears.  It’s easily one of the most gorgeous and heartfelt songs I’ve heard in my life.  And for me, it has to be Ernie singing it.  The Queers cover it and it ain’t a bad cover, but I need Ernie.

My newest musical discovery is Spotify.  I love it.  You should see my playlist.  Or maybe you shouldn’t.  I’m sure it will get laughs, disgust, and perhaps respect?  I don’t just listen to these songs when no one else is around.  I crank them.  Always.  Here are a few:

Duran Duran – A View To A Kill

Barbara Streisand – Woman In Love

Moxy Fruvous – Down From Above

Marc Anthony – I Need You

Bad English – Ghost In Your Heart

Monica – Angel Of Mine

Serial Joe – Completely

Hall And Oates – Adult Education

Hanson – I Will Come To You

Well that’s a few.  Laugh it up.  I love those songs.  Love them love them love them.


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