Top 10 Weezer Songs (according to Watchmojo)

1.  Say It Ain’t So

2.  Buddy Holly

3.  El Scorcho

4.  Undone

5.  Across The Sea

6.  Only In Dreams

7.  In The Garage

8.  My Name Is Jonas

9.  Island In The Sun

10.  Pink Triangle

Are you kidding me?  Pink Triangle at number 10?  You mean to tell me Island In The Sun should be considered better?  Grrrrr.  My Name Is Jonas is debatable.  It’s a Weezer classic.  I am not going to gripe too much.  Only In Dreams?  WHAT THE DEUCE!?!?!?  What is with everyone’s infatuation with that song?  I find it bland and long.

Ok let’s discuss In The Garage at number 7.  That is straight up blasphemy.  In The Garage is Nickelback’s This Is How You Remind Me.  It’s Metallica’s Enter Sandman.  It’s Guns N’ Roses’ Sweet Child Of Mine.  For the record, I hate the aforementioned bands.  That was my attempt at being funny.  I’m starting to think that I’m the only one who finds me funny.  Anyway, In The Garage should be much higher on the list.

I just realized I discussed Only In Dreams before In The Garage.  Oooops.  Apologies.

Across The Sea at number 5.  I can work with that.  It definitely belongs in the top 10.

Undone at number 4.  Really?  Really?!  You mean to tell me that Undone is better than Pink Triangle, My Name Is Jonas, In The Garage, and Across The Sea?  Not to mention any other song off The Blue Album, or Pinkerton?  Bloody Hell.

Alright.  Number 3 is what really irks me.  Let’s talk about number 3.  I’m old.  When The Blue Album came out, I ran out to get it.  I love it, with the exception of Only In Dreams.  Only In Dreams isn’t terrible.  It’s just not really a good Weezer song, in my opinion.  Regardless, The Blue Album was a ray of light when we were being inundated by bands like Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots and other macho rocktard alternacrap.

Along comes Pinkerton, Weezer album number 2.  What was their lead off single?  El Freakin’ Scorcho!  El Scorcho doesn’t not hold a candle to one song off The Blue Album.  Not one.  Not even Only In Dreams.  El Scorcho turned me, and everyone else, off of Weezer.  That was ok though.  We had The Blue Album.  El Scorcho was so freakin’ bad that no one even paid attention the the following singles, Pink Triangle, and The Good Life.  Those two songs blew me out of the water, not to mention Pinkerton as a whole.  But I didn’t even revisit Pinkerton until twenty years after it was released, because of El Scorcho.

Weezer was doomed to be one of those bands that had one amazing album and a pile of crap.  Hash Pipe didn’t do a damn thing for me.  Dope Nose made me borderline hate them.  Beverly Hills made me want to scream.  Those songs aren’t horrible either, just nothing compared to anything from Pinkerton, or The Blue Album.

But it was El Scorcho and the singles from The Green Album, Maladroit, and Make Believe that made me give up hope.  When The Red Album came out I liked Pork And Beans.  It seemed they were back on track.  The I heard Troublemaker….  AUGHHHH!!!!  Again,  not terrible.  Just not — oh never mind.

So one day I was at a party in Peterborough.  It was a bunch of friendly college folk.  They threw Pinkerton on and I was thoroughly blown away.  Blown away.  How could I have missed out on the magic that was Pinkerton?  When it first came out it was reviled by critics and fans alike.  Rolling Stone crucified it, only to recant 20 years later.  But Pinkerton is easily my favourite Weezer album, but never got a fair shake from anyone because of El Scorcho.

There are a smattering of awesome songs on later Weezer albums too.  I don’t think they have anything that is completely terrible.  I’ve yet to give Raditude and Hurley a spin.  Everything Will Be Alright In The End is a trip.  I would say it’s their third best.  They have a song on there called Da Vinci that brings a tear to my eye.  Maybe because I can relate…

Here is my Weezer Top 10

1.  Pink Triangle

2. Da Vinci

3.  In The Garage

4.  Thought I Knew

5.  No Other One

6.  Across The Sea

7.  Heart Songs

8.  The Good Life

9.  American Gigilo

10.  My Name Is Jonas

I just realized I forgot to discuss Watchmojo’s number 1 and 2.  Buddy Holly and Say It Ain’t So.  What kinda balloonjuice is that?  Can we just all agree they are both grossly overrated?  Thanks.

Anyway.  Weezer.  Is it just me that thinks they suffered a little with the absence of Matt Sharp?  Mikey wasn’t really around long enough.  I don’t think he did any backups, but I could be wrong.  He was there for The Green Album and that’s it.

Scott Shriner is kinda funny to me.  He’s a fantastic, and rock solid bass player.  He lends amazing backup vocals.  In fact he is a large part of the solidity in their live show.  BUT WHO DOES HE THINK HE’S KIDDING?!

Scott Shriner is a badass.  Just take his silly clothes and glasses off.  That guy is a bona fide shitkicker.  But in Weezer he can’t corrupt the integrity of the geeky image of Weezer.  We can all thank Weezer for making uncool cool.  But I get a good laugh out of that asskicker, Scott, trying to geek it up to maintain Weezer’s image.  I could be wrong but I’ll bet you my bottom dollar he rides a Harley….

Ah well.  I had a pile to say but I need to go to the pharmacy and renew prescriptions, or else.



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