Edie was attacked today.  Queen Hell, Edie, and I were taking a walk.  As we were walking by this redneck house we were jumped by a couple of German Shephards.  Before I could pick up Edie one of them clamped on to her.  I picked the dog up by its fur coat and flung it in a fit of incandescent rage, and concern.  The dog owners came out and managed to get the biter in the house and the other one by its collar.  Naturally Queen Hell, and I, were pissed off.  It was a younger couple.  The dude looked like he just got out of prison.  One might argue the same could be said of me, and that’s fair.  But this guy literally looked like he just got out of the clink.  They apologized profusely.  Queen Hell gave them proper shit, as well as a free lesson on how to manage your own dog.

Edie was ok.  Queen Hell had scooped her up after I flung the dog.  I felt horrible.  I didn’t want to hurt the dog.  It was a knee jerk reaction.  I love Edie so much.  But I don’t think it was really the dog’s fault so much as the owner.  But I still felt bad.  When I got home I spent about a half hour with Edie, spoiling her.  After that I went back to the house of the offending dogs and apologized to the owners for throwing the dog.  The guy was really cool about it.  I am glad.  I’ll be more careful from now and I am sure they will be too.

*   *   *

Forehead did an amazing job on my computer.  I have every damn arcade game known to man.  We’re talking about games I rocked in the 80s at the arcades.  I had a really, really bad video gaming habit.  I supported it much like any other any other addict supports their habits.  Any way I had to.

Fast forward to happier times.  I now have these games at my finger tips.  The games I’ve played the most over the course of the last couple of days include Black Tiger, Wonder Boy 2, Shinobi, Rygar, Bubble Bobble, Kung Fu Fighter.  I’m not as good at games as I used to be.  I used to clean house on these games.  I haven’t even come close since playing them again.  But it sure is costing me a lot less quarters.

*   *   *

These blogs will soon be going video.  I miss my camera.  I used to bring that thing with me everywhere.  I was literally documenting my life.  It’s been a couple of years since I’ve had one.

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