Let’s discuss Demo Etiquette.  Ok maybe that’s not the proper term, but I just made it up.    Your friend is in a band.  He/she comes to you with a recording.  They want you to listen.  Let’s suppose you’re not in the mood to listen, or you have other things you need to do.

Good etiquette would be to let the person know it’s not a really good time and you want to give it an honest listen with no distractions.

Bad etiquette would be to give it half of a listen in their presence because you want to appease them, only to talk about some hot chick you met last night over the whole thing.  Have some respect.  Listen.

Here’s one for you musicians.  Correct me if I’m wrong.  Most of your friends are musicians.  You’re always going to each other with your demos or albums or whatever.  You get the point.  It sucks because you’re all in friendly or unfriendly competition anyway.  But I have found there are questions or comments that are almost standard.

How many times has someone asked you where/how it was recorded just as your explosive chorus played?  Or how many people vapidly blather over the whole thing and make comments as to what other bands it sounds like, just to show you how savvy and in tune they are with the arts?

Notice that no one wants to listen to your band but they want you to listen to their band?

*   *   *

I’m seeing more and more familiar faces around these parts.  It’s nice.  Last week I saw two different friends.  In the same week.  Here I am ten million miles away, and I saw two friends in the same week.  That right there is a testament to my good character.   I’m such a swell guy.  I would even endeavour to say I am the swellest guy alive, and it’s time I get my due.  I am going to make a wish list, and it’s your responsibility as Doug Addicts, to make one or more of these a reality.  Ok here we go.

– Ampeg SVT3 Head  (that one from the 90s)

– David Eden Nemesis 4 10 cabinet

–  a fine suit ( don’t own one)

– a gong

– a new camcorder (mine broke)

– enough money to legally have my name changed

– immortality for my dog, Edie

And finally I want the person’s nuts who was responsible for the disappearance of a very sentimental guitar to me two years ago at The Village Inn.  I know who it was but can’t prove it.  May that person forever be cursed.

Alright Doug Addicts, it’s highway time.  I love you all.  I love you.  I love you.

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