Pardon Me, While I Slip These Barnacles on you

I hate tables.  You know what happens when I have tables?  They just become a venue for whatever happens to be in my hands at the time that I no longer feel like holding.  Sunglasses.  Dog leash.  Keys etc.

Winter is 100 times worse.  Everything ends up on the table when I come in.

Tables.  I can’t believe I’m blogging about tables.  Pizza exists, and here I am blogging about tables.

Someone donated a table to me to drag down to the charity shop I volunteer at.  Well as soon as my Aunt Gretchen got her eye on it, she decided she wanted it.  I explained to Aunt Gretchen that is was a donation and to be given to the charity shop.  Aunt Gretchen claimed the table was worth too much to donate.  I fought it.

Screw this dumb story.  I could be eating tofu right now.  Anyway.  Here are pictures.



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  1. linds says:

    You two are fucking gorgeous. And I love you despite you both and all your table clutter.

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