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My first script, Outta Control, is finished as all hell.  Oh you just missed that.  I almost capitalized “hell”.  Queen Hell pointed out the other day when she was proofreading my script, that I have gotten so used to typing Doug Hell that I am capitalizing a word that doesn’t need to be capitalized.  Ooops.  She’s right.  Not that I should be too concerned.  I still have pecs like a professional wrestler.

I’ve been getting a little stage-sick.  I miss playing live.  Feel free to book me for anything in the Durham area.

You all know my favourite punk band is The Creeps.  And if you didn’t know that, you know now.   They peaked at their third album, Back To The Bin.  They have put out exceptional material since, but Back To The Bin is definitely their opus for me.  Lakeside Cabin followed and my expectations were extremely high.

Well Lakeside Cabin just wasn’t as good.  I couldn’t wait for it.  There were some gems a la Burn The Bodies, Late Night Kiss, Long Way Home, and the title track, Lakeside Cabin.  The rest of the songs were meh, with the exception of Voices, and These Walls Have Eyes, which were downright awful.

After Lakeside Cabin, they put out a few EPs, and it seemed the songs on there were more balanced.  For every awesome song there was an equally horrible one.  The awesome standouts from the EPs and 7 Inches are Shadows, Cold Feet, It’s Not Right, and their brilliant masterpiece, You’re Better Off.   You’re Better Off will always remain my favourite Creeps song.  I doubt it they can ever touch that again.  They’ve come close.

Strangely enough when I heard their latest album, Eulogies, it was the first time that I didn’t immediately tear it open and listen to it.  It actually sat on my computer until I finally got around to hearing it.  Now, Eulogies is hard for me to explain.  In some ways it’s their best album.  It’s a far more mature effort, not that maturity is important in music for me, but it was almost refreshing to see the Group Of Three not make an appearance.  Eulogies was one dark and serious album.  I would rank it their second best.  Standout tracks for me were Wait A Minute, Leave Mine To Me, Cancer, and their obvious track 3 no brainer, Ghost.

The rest of the songs aren’t great, but they’re certainly not bad.  There weren’t any songs I couldn’t tolerate.  Even Back To The Bin had ones I couldn’t stand a la Havana, and Basement.  But Eulogies was a solid effort.

Anyway, I just wasted twenty minutes of my life going on about The Creeps.  I miss those guys.  I haven’t seen them since they came to see my old band, Hanging Girl, a couple years back in Ottawa.  It’s always good to see them, and I don’t love their band just because I love them as people.  It just might be the other way around.  But what difference does it make?

I hope you’re all doing well and have a great weekend.

Today’s Playlist

Frank BlackLos Angeles

The CreepsGhost

Seven Mary ThreeThe Water’s Edge

The Tragically HipThree Pistols

Blue RodeoHead Over Heels

Bob DylanSeries Of Dreams

Jimmy Eat WorldPain

Matthew Good BandAdvertising On Police Cars

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