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Chilly day today.  Love it.  I got to wear a sweater that I got for Christmas.

I’ve been watching a lot of movies.  It’s just something I’ve recently gotten into.  I’m really geeking out to them.  I like to take everything in.  The characters.  The direction.  The soundtrack.  I pay attention to all of it.  But when it’s really good, I don’t have to actually make an effort to pay attention.  It seizes me.  I’m going to talk about a few of my favourite movies, and I know I’ll likely get shot for my preferences.  Or maybe I won’t.  Just as long as you all understand that I still rule regardless.

Whale Music

This is my favourite movie of all time.  It stars Maury Chaykin and Paul Gross.  It’s based on a book of the same title, written by Paul Quarrington.   I’m not sure what I enjoyed more.  There were some things in the book that I guess would have just been too silly to try and incorporate it into the movie.  More on that later.

Maury Chaykin stars as Desmond Howl, a wealth musical prodigy and former rock star who has become extremely reclusive, and fairly demented after his brother’s death.  He lives alone in a derelict mansion.  He is obese and spends almost all of his time in his housecoat.  He has a state of art recording studio in his basement, where he is recording his opus, Whale Music, a musical composition for the whales.

Ok you guys have to forgive me for this, but I have suddenly lost interest.  Onto other things.  I know.  How about my Top 10 Rush songs?  I need to apologize to the purists out there by my favourite era for Rush was the 80s.  .

  1.  Distant Early Warning
  2. Marathon
  3. The Enemy Within
  4. Driven
  5. Time Stand Still
  6. Red Sector A
  7. Body Electric
  8. Subdivisions
  9. Dreamline
  10. Roll The Bones

Christ I really had to think of one more.  Now I’m going to take a crack at my top 10 favourite movies.

  1.  Whale Music
  2. Lady In The Water
  3. Hesher
  4. Best Of The Best
  5. City Of Industry

I couldn’t even get to number 6.  Truth is I can’t think very well right now.

Ok I’ll tell you what.  I’ll start a new page to review movies and such.  That’s as good as it’s going to get though.  Really.

Today’s Playlist

Faith No More From Out Of Nowhere

Rod StewartYoung Turks

The CreepsWait A Minute

Public Image LtdChant

Dwight YoakamAin’t That Lonely Yet

Jim CroceBox #10

Linda RonstadtLong Long Time


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