Soaked In Malarkey


Give it up, Tom Grant.  Just  give it up already.  Congratulations on being sucked into Courtney Love’s hemisphere of bullshit.  I guess you got lucky, huh?  You got the call.  You’ve enjoyed about 20 years of quasi-celebrity status, thanks to the death of a rock icon.  Now you have a movie.

To be clear, I think that Courtney Love played a huge part in Kurt’s death.  She grated on him.  She drove him nuts.  She was Courtney Love.  She could make anyone want to swallow a shotgun.  But she didn’t hire someone to kill him.  Kurt offed himself.

People just believe anything they see or read.   There are no reliable sources.  Don’t just blindly believe in anything anyone says.  Christ, Kurt Cobain swore he don’t have a gun!  We all know that’s a big fat lie.  And other people will try to tell you that jet fuel can’t make heat hot enough to melt steel girders.


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Take ThatPatience

Fucked UpQueen Of Hearts

Faith No MoreWar Pigs

Frank Black And The Catholics21 Reasons



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  1. George says:

    Someone should start a facebook page to have Justin Beiber join the 27 club.

    Although, he doesn’t deserve to be in it, he does deserve to die.

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