We Must Protect The Night Before Our Love Steps Into The Light

About a year and a half ago I met a girl.  She took my heart like it was hers to take, and it was.  Just neither of us knew it.  After a serendipitous and fated meaning, I went home and wrote a song about her.  The next day I went over to a friend’s house and recorded it.  Neither Queen Hell (subject of the song) or myself thought much of the finished product.  I was flat and out of key.  The mix was barely audible.  The song sat on Queen Hell’s hard drive since.

So I got back to thinking about Los Angeles.  Oh, that is the name of the song I’ve been trying to tell you about but then I got onto Brian Wilson.  Man, I’m a horrible story teller.  Jumping around.  Ego-maniacal.

I dug out Los Angeles and dusted it off because it’s lyrically powerful, and intensely sincere.  It’s the first true love song I ever wrote about a girl.  I’ve written songs about girls before but not as direct as this one.

Remember my song Bloom?  That is the song that put me on the map and on the radio.  It is often revered as my best song.  Well guess what?  I sang that song flat and out of key too.  But the sincerity was there.  I felt it.  I wrote it about a girl I loved, and you could tell.  It’s sincere.  You believe it.

Los Angeles, in my opinion, is a lot better than Bloom.  Bloom is a challenge song.  I am challenging someone.  Los Angeles is a straight up I love the fuck out of you and don’t make the idiotic mistake of ignoring something so majestic song.  She almost did too.  Queen Hell had and has an extremely fascinating life.  She had never met someone like me before.  I PLEADED for her love.

I chuckle a little about the actual process of Los Angeles though.  I was spending a lot of time with a couple of friends who listened to a lot of Townes Van Zandt (better than Bob Dylan), and Hank 3.  So the song ended up having a country folk vibe to it.  It wasn’t at all a sappy kinda format.  It’s not really a ballad.

Anyway, here it is.  I jacked the audio and put an effect on it called Lost In Space.  hahahahaha


I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. George says:

    This song is awesome Doug! Queen Hell must be pretty hard to impress! I think it just doesn’t feel as powerful because you’re singing so low and it takes a lot of work to really get any kind of bite in the lower register.
    I don’t think Bloom is your best song nor do I think that John Lennon is a retard although McCartney…..he just might be. I do love Brian Wilson though and if you really listen to all those old Beach Boys records, there’s a lot in them that never saw the light of day to your average listener.

    Most importantly I’m glad that you found real love Doug and I hope it lasts forever my friend. It’s not easy to find especially when one is so fucking choosey like me. I guess I’m waiting for my own Queen to step into my life and make me work like a motherfucker to keep her happy.

  2. QH says:

    You are my everything DH. Always and forever.

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