Dear Amos

I call you Amos because I don’t want to call you “Diary”.  I think that is gay, and cliche.  Please understand that when I say gay, I am not being disrespectful to fags.  I have no problem with the sort.  I just like using the term gay.

So I escaped from Vault 101 today.  I know I should be looking for my dad, but dad can take care of himself.  He’ll be fine until I do what I gotta do.  There is something I have to do.

Upon my exit from the vault, I headed straight for Paradise Falls.

Paradise Falls used to be a mall before the war.  It’s now a haven for human trafficking.  At least until I get there.  Slavery is no laughing matter.  People who steal other people and force them to work are the scum of the Capital Wasteland.

I headed straight north.  The first notable place I happened upon was Hallowed Moors Cemetery.  It was creepy.  I was attacked by three Super Mutants.  Super Mutants are huge beings that were once human, but are now gigantic and yellow.  They’re muscular, mean, and often armed.


Super Mutants

Unfortunately for them, I too was armed.  And the dumb bastards were armed with boards with nails sticking out of them.  Don’t bring a nailboard to a gunfight.

I busted out my 10mm out of the holster and dispatched of them with efficiency and vigour.  Big.  Yellow.  Bad grammar.  I don’t care.  If you oppose me in the Wasteland, you will die.  I will feel no way about it.  I looted their corpses for weapons.  Inside the derelict church there was more loot, including a wastelander that was being held captive by the Super Mutants.  I freed him.  He was thankful and gave me some stuff.  Interestingly I found a transcript for some Keller family.  Apparently they were a military family who had a strained relationship.  I couldn’t help but think this transcript will hold some significance in the future.  I put it it my inventory netherworld that allows me to magically carry way more than humanly possible.





Other than some run ins with some bloatflies and radscorpions, the rest of my trip was uneventful.  I made it to Paradise Falls with the chip on my shoulder that has never failed me.


Paradise Falls

It was guarded by a couple of slavers by the name of Grouse and Richter.  I kept my gun holstered, choosing instead to beat them both to death with a police baton I looted from one of the guards back in Vault 101.  I looted their corpses and made my way toward the main compound.  As I was on my way there an unfortunate slave by the name of Carter tried to escape.  His head blew up from his slave collar.  It was at this point I realized the slaves were equipped with collars that would detonate if they tried to escape.  It only fed my rage even more.

Within seconds I came face to face with Forty.  Forty was the last bastion of security into the main compound.  I put a 10mm bullet in his head, but not before putting one in each of his kneecaps.  I really don’t like slavers.



After I did away with Forty, I met Sammy.  Sammy was a mere child slave.  Despite not being locked in a cage he was still pretty screwed as he too was wearing an explosive collar.  Sammy told me he had friends in the main compound.  Their names were Penny and Squirrel.  He had different ideas of how I could spring them loose.  It was all a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo that would require stealth on my part, and trickery.  He was positive I could sneak them out.  I had a plan of my own, however.  Kill them all.  Strut out the front entrance, slaves liberated.  I thanked Sammy for his advice and looted Forty’s body.  I found a key to the main prisoner cage.



I entered the compound.

The night was on my side.  It was very dark.  I used that to my advantage.  I headed left straight to the Lock And Load, a place where slavers could sell and trade weapons and ordinance.  I went straight through the front door.  Immediately I came across a slaver who got to know the wrong end of my police baton very well.  I didn’t want to use my gun at that point because it would only alert the other slavers.

Lock And Load was technically closed although it wasn’t locked up for the night.  I knew that Pronto, the owner and operator, would be asleep in the basement.  Within seconds I was standing over the snoring slaver/proprietor.  Killing a man in his sleep is not very heroic.  But I don’t claim to be a hero.  I am a 19 year old son of a bitch to the core with sociopathic tendencies with a lust for violence and death.  The morality of the situation didn’t enter my mind as I caved Pronto’s skull in with a baseball bat.  For one kooky moment I thought about how I always wanted to die in my sleep if I had a choice, but preferably on more passive terms.


Lock And Load

It was three in the morning.  None of the slavers knew I was close, and I was officially standing in a gold mine as far as weaponry goes.  I stole every piece of weaponry i could, right down to the brass knuckles.  Thankfully in the universe of Fallout 3 I could repair and maintain weapons within seconds.  I now had a decent arsenal on me including a Chinese assault rifle, a hunting rifle, some frag grenades, some frag mines, more pistols, etc.  With my newly procured artillery I decided I had enough of tiptoeing.


Paradise Falls Compound

I entered the main compound.  It was still dark out but I made no effort to be subtle.  I started lobbing grenades with impunity.  Within seconds body parts were flying everywhere.  I made such a mess of the slavers that I actually had a hard time looting the bodies because they were scattered everywhere in parts.  The confused slavers didn’t stand a chance.  Even, Clover, a formidable bodyguard of Eulogy Jones (the boss) couldn’t get a scratch on me.  I had the upper hand.  I went into the barracks and mopped up Carolina Red and the few other slavers trying to sleep.  Then I went into Eulogy Jones’ pad and ended him and his other bodyguard, Crimson.


Eulogy Jones

All the slavers were dead.  I looted Eulogy’s pad.  I found a speech Bobblehead, a holotape on a supposed missing android from the commonwealth, and some bottles of Nuka Cola Quantum.  I took Eulogy’s unique duds too.  I thought I would wear them whenever I wanted to kill in style.

Finally I released all the slaves, with the exception of Breadbox, a senile and demented old man who didn’t even know where he was.  The kids told me to meet them outside when I was done.  I told them I would.  And I did.  Outside of Paradise Falls the kids thanked me and told me to stop by Little Lamplight, their home.  I told them I would.


Sammy, Penny, And Squirrel



With Paradise Falls officially closed for business, I now had my sights on another slaver enterprise.

Pittsburgh here I come.

Pittsburgh is definitely a ways from DC.  That didn’t matter though.  It was full of slaves who had disease to worry about on top of their lives of forced labour.   It wasn’t right and I was going to make damn sure I righted it.  I had been getting radio frequencies on my Pipboy from an escaped slave named Wehner.  I was to meet him at a radio tower far north.  I wouldn’t waste time.  The only holdup I experience was as I was passing through the Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel.  Some asshole was taking pot shots at me with a sniper rifle.  I blew him up with a frag grenade for his troubles, and took his sniper rifle.  What a prize that was.  It was the Reservists Rifle.  It was the first of my big collection of unique weapons.  Thanks buddy.


Dickson Tabernacle Chapel

Alright Amos.  I’m now weary and will report back tomorrow.  Until then…

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