Dear Amos.  I fucked up.

I can’t say that I totally fucked up, but I didn’t think things through before I acted.  My policy of shooting first and asking questions later made me make some morally questionable decisions.  This is on the heels of liberating the slaves of Paradise Falls.

I had been receiving transmissions on my PipBoy from a man by the name of Wernher.  He was an escaped slave from Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh wasn’t affected directly by the bombs but everyone there was suffering from an unknown disease.  I went to investigate.

I met Wehrner by the radio tower north of the Capital Wasteland.  When I got to him he was fighting a few Pitt Raiders.  Pitt Raiders are really no different from Wasteland Raiders.  They just have a different name, although they’re both marked for death by me.  I don’t like Raiders.  They serve no purpose in the wasteland, other than making the survivor’s lives miserable.   So I do my best to make what existence they have miserable.



I caved in their skulls with my police baton, and chastised Wehrner for having problems with an easy foe.  He wasn’t flattered by my comments, but he would be a lot better off not mentioning so.  I could kill this man where he stood, and he knew it.  Wehrner suggested that I disguise myself as a slave in order to sneak into “The Pitt”, which is the new cool Fallout 3 name for Pittsburgh.  I told him I had no intention of doing so.  I would strut in their and kill anyone who looked at me funny.  He didn’t feel this was the best solution, but didn’t dare argue.

The train tunnel leading to the Pitt was guarded by four slavers.  I made extremely short work of them, rescuing the slaves they held captive in the process.  I looked at a dead slave’s outfit considering Wehrner’s advice on disguising myself, but ultimately decided against it.  I like killing.  But I like not smelling like a dead slave even more.

An old railroad cart took us to the Pitt trainyard.  Logically, it must have taken a while but in the Fallout 3 universe you make magic happen.  When we got to the Pitt we were approached by some slavers.  Wehrner advised me to let him do the talking, but I decided to let my hunting rifle do the talking.  Four dead slavers later Wehner didn’t seem pleased about my tactics.  He obviously didn’t understand one’s need for violence, or he was a coward.  Maybe a little of both.


Pitt Trainyard

Wehrner left me at the main gate to the Pitt.  He had things to do.  Or he was just a bitch.  I don’t care.  He would have just gotten in my way.  I fought my way through Wildmen to get downtown.  They fell easily.  I was an unstoppable juggernaut of death.  Then it happened.  As soon as I entered the main downtown core, Reddup, and a couple of dirtbag Pitt Slavers got the drop on me.  They beat me unconscious and stole ALL my gear.

A woman named Medea came to my aid upon regaining consciousness.  She took me to her dive apartment and suggested that I work in the steelyard collecting ingots to earn a berth fighting in The Hole.  The Hole is an irradiated underground arena where slaves fight for freedom while douchebag slavers watch and bet.  That seemed easy enough.

I left her apartment.  The Pitt was an extremely grim place.  Slaves worked away with large heavy auto-axes on various equipment.  The auto-axes looked very heavy, but they also looked like they would make great weapons.  I managed to pickpocket an auto-axe from a slave.  I could have just killed him for it but I don’t kill slaves.  Also, don’t ask me how the fuck I managed to “pickpocket” an auto-axe.


Slave with Auto-Axe

Every slaver, guard, and dickbag in general ended up meeting the wrong end of my auto-axe.  I killed every one of them in plain sight of the slaves, who chose to ignore the gorefest and keep working.  Sadly, a revolution or uprising was definitely out of the question.

At the steelyard I met with the foreman, Everett.  He was a douchebag too, but not the same way the slavers were.  He was just doing what needed to be done.  He informed me that the steelyard was a very dangerous place full of Wildmen and Trogs.  Trogs were grotesque creatures that were responsible for a lot of deaths among workers, Pitt Raiders, and Wildmen alike.  Personally, I was happy to have a new enemy to kill.  Everett informed me that he would give me some loot for every ten ingots I could find.  So I promptly went out to the yard and found 93 out of a possible 100.  For my troubles I received a Man Opener, The Mauler, Metal Blaster, and a Perforator.



The Man Opener looks like a large can opener with a blade.  The same thing.  The Metal Blaster was a laser rifle that could soot nine beams at once, using only one microfusion cell.  The Perforator was a silenced assault rifle with a scope.  The real prize though was a gun I found on the body of a dead slave named Wild Bill.  He had a .32 pistol named Wild Bill’s Sidearm.  I love pistols.  This one had great specs.  And the best part is that it could be repaired and maintained by any .32 pistol, which were plentiful in the Capital Wasteland.


Kicking ass with the Man Opener

Upon completing my work I headed downtown to listen to a speech from the head of the Pitt.  His name was Ashur.  Medea informed me earlier that Ashur was a tyrant and had a cure for the disease that was plaguing the residents of the speech.  I listened to his speech not really taking any of it in.  All I could think about was how he would look with a .32 bullet in his head, and what his power armour would look like on my person.


Le Speech

Next thing I knew, I was fighting in The Hole.  Winning in the hole would award me access to Uptown.  Uptown was where the rest of the slavers would be hanging out.  Haven was also Uptown.  Haven was where Ashur lived.  I wanted to go uptown.

I won every fight in The Hole with great ease.  I also killed the mouthy bitch running it.  No one calls me a scab.

When I got Uptown I sought out the motherless fuck who jumped me when I first arrived.  Reddup went down easy.  Come to think of it, everyone went down easy.  I wasn’t in the mood to talk.  I just killed.  I killed my way to Haven.  Upon entering Haven I decided to kill first and look for the cure later.  I killed everyone, including Ashur, and his wife.  I found the cure.



It was a baby.

Yes.  A baby.  A little pink cooing baby.  Suddenly I second guess everything I did.  From holotapes I listened to, I learned this baby was born immune to the disease everyone have, and she could provide a vaccine for the disease.  I learned a few other things too.  Ashur had intended on saving the slaves and other residents with the cure.  As far as the slaves went, someone had to keep the city running.

I returned the baby to Medea, less than pleased I had been a pawn in a kidnapping scheme.

This whole situation was a prime example of having to make a hard moral decision.  Both sides had valid arguments.  Both sides weren’t all good or all bad.  It’s kinda like voting.  There is no perfect leader, only the one that best suits YOUR needs.  I didn’t like voting.  Voting to me was like picking your favourite STD.

I left The Pitt without looking back.  In the future I would be very careful about the decisions I make.  My trigger happy tendencies left me unsure if I did the right thing, and now I would have to live with it.

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