Vulgar Display Of White Power

I took a long hiatus from posting for a while.  The reason being Fallout 4.  I have over 800 hours logged into it.  I’ve gained about 30 pounds.  But fear not.  I went out the other day and got a home gym, and believe me when I say I am using it.  The Barack Obama Clubhouse has been moved to the second floor of my house.  I have a lot more room.  Until Queen Hell kindly cleaned it for me, it looked like a pawn shop threw up in here.  But that time has come and gone.  It’s now nice and clean.  Just like my conscience.

Anyway.  Fallout 4.  848 hours.  And you know what?  I haven’t even scratched the surface.  I’m addicted to building settlements.  I keep starting over too.  When I first got the game, Queen Hell would watch me play it.  But then she got bored really fast because it wasn’t very exciting about watching a guy build settlements.  To appease her, I decided to toggle God mode.  I hate capitalizing the word “God”, but it seems we have to.  Anyway, on God mode you can’t get hurt and you have unlimited resources, including ammo.

So it was on this glorious God mode that I decided to power through the main story line.  Queen Hell is genuinely interested in what became of Shaun.  Shaun is my son who was kidnapped at the beginning of the game.  Myself?  I didn’t give a floppy fuck about some imaginary kid from a game world.  I don’t even care about my real kids.  Why would I try to save a kid in a world full of opportunities and evil beasts?

“To defeat not be consumed by the monster, one must become an even more fierce monster.”

– Doug Hell

I know I’m a day late and a buck short for this one but what’s with all this crying about Phil Anselmo and his supposed racism?  So some douchebag catches Phil Anselmo doing a Nazi salute and screaming “WHITE POWER!” to a bunch of fools at a Dime Bash.  Well there’s your first problem.  Fans of Dimebag listen to Pantera because it makes them feel tough.  My experience with Pantera fans brought me to the conclusion they’re generally bullies.  They denounce anything that isn’t loud and unintelligible.  They associate genres like Death Metal with Satan shit, and explosions.  Armageddon.  That kind of shit.  The reason they worship that kinda crap is because they know if all that horrifying balloonjuice was real then they would be fucked.  So they have this crazy idea that if they worship it, they would be spared if the aforementioned horrors suddenly became real.  It’s kinda like the bible.  It was written by pussies to scare stronger people into behaving.

Back to Phil Anselmo.  Let me be crystal clear.  I can’t stand Pantera.  I can’t stand anyone in that band.  I can’t stand their music.

So Phil Anselmo gets busted on film acting like a jackass.  What the fuck do you expect from a guy like Phil Anselmo?  He’s not intelligent enough to come up with something with more substance to antagonize a crowd.   So he acts like a racist buffoon.  I’m 43 years old.  Before I continue this rant I need to post a recent pic of myself to rub it into all you ugly 43 year olds out there.


Yeah you wish you looked that good.

How is it I can’t tell a story without making it all about me again?

Anyway.  I don’t care if Phil Anselmo is racist or not.  What he did was freakin’ stupid.  But I don’t think he should be put up on a cross by all the sanctimonious cunts of the world.  How can we as a human species expect any good to come of this?

Let’s take all the hate we feel towards Phil.  Let’s put it all into my reality bending machine and turn it into positive energy, and love.  Now let’s take that love and do things that do matter and make the world a better place.  It’s not hard.  It really isn’t.  It’s just too inconvenient.  Why do some good when there is beer that needs to be drank?  Why do some good when someone’s wife needs to be fucked?  To hell with hugging your children and enriching their lives.  Your ex-husband must pay for seeing you for the disgusting albatross that you are, and moving on.

I have done more good in this lifetime than anyone reading this blog.  I’ve affected people positively.  I’ve helped people change for the better.  Every single person who has ever had a conflicting story line with me has met someone amazing.  I could go on.  But that is a non-fiction novel yet to be written.  I just don’t have the time on here.  The mendicants of the world who read my blogs from the shadows don’t deserve any more than I give.


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