So here you are again.  What’s Doug going to say next? You hate me, yet here you are.  Do you want to take my power away?  Stop.  Close this browser window.  Just walk away.  But you can’t.  You don’t have the constitution.  You will helplessly read every word, and those very words will resonate within you for hours.

Spine up.  Go away.  I’m not forcing you to come here.  What stings the most is the knowledge of you knowing why you revile me.  You revile me because YOU COULDN’T BEAT ME AND I WOULDN’T LET YOU JOIN ME.

Yet here you are again.  What’s Doug saying these days?  You love me yet here you are.  Do you want to know how to make the world a better place?  Make and tea and sit down.  You are welcome here.  You have the constitution to become a better person.  Heed every word, and may they bring you peace and honour.

Chin up.  Come perch.  Let’s take those negative thoughts, and broken dreams, and burn them to the ground.


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