10 years ago I got an email from Poor Pelly asking me if I wanted to open for Mr.Plow at the Velvet Elvis on December 9th. I was skeptical as I had never played my acoustic material live. Poor Pelly and Matt Diamond convinced me I had a special gift and I needed to nurture it.  I was still skeptical.  It was one thing to scream like I was passing a stone in a street level punk band, but it was totally different when it was just my voice and a guitar.  There would be no racket to hide behind.

I was a big fan of Mr. Plow however, and agreed to do the gig. Opening for us was a little-known band called Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker.

I’m a big fan of USS and very proud of their accomplishments. However, I am a little spooked by the resemblance of my song, Bloom, and this one here. I know they didn’t burn me. They don’t need any help penning great songs. It’s still pretty cool though.

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