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I’m an alcoholic.  Just because I barely ever drink, it does not mean I’m not an alcoholic.  The happiest, most serene people I’ve ever met in my life are recovered alcoholics.  I’m going to start going to AA meetings.  I want to be a part of that magic.  While I don’t necessarily agree with their ideals, it will be good to meet other people who don’t rely on alcohol to exist.

With these new life decisions I will be able to achieve my goals of helping others who need help.  Perhaps I’ll become an addictions counselor.  I’ve lived my life selfishly for me, my whole life.  I can’t stand my existence.  If I am going to continue to exist then I am going to at least put myself to good use.

I vow this.

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  1. T says:

    Your best use is your music.

    I applaud your decisions, I can understand why you hate drunks, I would if I wasn’t drunk with them when I am, and pissy miserable and calling an end to the party going home cause it’s not fun enough cause I can’t get smashed with everyone else.

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