Sanctuary Zero


I am at Sanctuary Zero.  Sanctuary Zero is a place that only I can access.  No one knows where it is, save for the stooges guarding the place.  No one can find me here.  Should you dare to try, you will be cut down by some extremely scary monsters.  Try me.  This is my sacred place.

FIrst of all, thanks.  Thanks to every one of you who took the time to email me and persuade me to not give up music.  The response was overwhelming.  It made me a tad misty, I’m not going to lie.  Oh wait, I don’t lie.

Don’t you people worry.  Tamara Leclair raised a good point when she told me in not so many words that my music helps people.   She is right and that pleases me to no end.

Don’t worry.  The music won’t stop.  I can’t promise you a live performance unless it’s in a sober coffee house.  But I will continue to make music.  I will also back up my brothers, Lumpy and Prentice, in whatever musical endeavor they choose.  They deserve that.  They helped me do what I had to do musically.  And they did it like men.  Thank you Jay Prentice, and Craig Argyle for your friendship, and help.  I’ll always have your back.

Back to Tamara Leclair.  Yes Tamara is sketchy.  Yes she inserts herself out of place.  Yes she’s the worst kind of attention whore.  But she’s like a dear dear sister to me and I love her.  I’ve been accused too often of keeping her around because I like to go against the grain.  But fact of the matter, she is extremely important to me.  If any of you Oshawa starfucking clones have a problem with her, you have a problem with me.  And we all know there isn’t a human being alive who can handle that.  Tried, tested, true.

So yeah.  The music won’t stop.  I’m ready to drop a brand new album of brand new material.  But we’ve been through that already.  Hopefully I will have the help of Trole, who remains one of my best friends and biggest influences today.

I’ll get back to Oshawa in due time.  But right now I am charging my batteries.  I don’t know how much longer I’ll be alive.  I don’t fear death.  Not as much as I fear life.

End transmission.

So they’re all dead huh?


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