The Culling

This is MY blog.  I will blog about what I want.  No one is putting a fucking gun to your head.  You don’t have to come here.  No one is forcing you to read any of this.  There are days that are good.  There are days that are ungood.  Get your fucking head checked.

If any of these blogs piss you off, then there is an excellent chance you’re just fucking pissed off in general.

You are allowing a mentally ill 43 year old with NOTHING to get to you.  I am going nowhere.  I aspire to do nothing more than live out my last days on earth not so fucking miserably.  I am not a threat to you.  I ask nothing of you.  I’m not hurting anyone.

Grow the fuck up.  Go away.  You don’t like what I have to say?  Don’t read.  It really is that fucking easy.

I’m just a smokescreen for the real problem.  YOU.

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