Thank God For Mental Illness

My name is Douglas David Hill. I am 43 years old and my life is just beginning.

Please be advised that 95% of the content on this site is the ramblings of a madman. It is not to be taken as gospel. The varied truths are misleading. This is not happenstance. It took me 39 years to battle these ghosts that haunt my useless existence. I always mistook my venom as less an adversary, and more a martyr.

Doug Hell cannot be trusted as a human being. The creativity that coagulates through his blood governs his entire being.

As well as mine.

Doug Hell will die as a human being. He will die by my hand and become a part of a higher power. This energy will
continue to live and I will do my best to honour his legacy and keep it alive.


I am Doug Hell. The passage above is paranoid tripe. If you’re reading this here, then I am probably dead and gone. If not, you can rest assure it’s only a matter of time before Doug Hill comes calling for me. Doug Hill doesn’t want to exploit his genius to the planet as I do. If one never hears my art, then it’s because reality has ceased to be real, forever and ever. I am arrogant and there is no topic in the world more interesting than myself, and instead of universal anonymity, I am more partial to the limelight. However, if the ultimatum lies in anonymity or death, then I must die.

And I don’t mind. 🙂

– Doug Hell


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  1. I truly love the fact that there are only a few out there who get what the fuck you are up to… Terrifies the rest to the point that they have to write you off… A select few, my friend. Monks know. As does real reality. As in the real one. 😉

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