While I Stand Alone

My mind.  It’s where good memories go to die.  Our love is a prison.  We’re doing time.  There is no reward for good behaviour.  Just a life sentence.  We’re in this together.

I hang my head.

I’m not the reckoner.  I’m the fool.  I’m the charlatan.  I am what never was and never will be.  I walk alone into the land of broken promises.  There will be no legacy.  There will be no tears.

I’m a monster.  Don’t put your faith into me.  I will fuck up everything you hold sacred, kept in time only by good intentions with the most catastrophic of results.

I’m not long for this world.  I’m not happy.  I’m not sad.  I’m just a void of narcissism and great pain.  I must be stopped.

There is no love or humanity.  We only haven’t destroyed each other yet because we haven’t figured out the means to without hurting ourselves.  But it’s only a matter of when.  This scares me.

We’re all going to die.

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