Midnight In The Land Of Milk And Honey

No more cigarettes.  No more midlife crisis.  No more waiting for the next destination.  Now is what matters.  That, and all this darkness.  Darkness is en extremely important part of my light.  I love darkness and its delusions.  Without it, I would be dead.

I’m not sure I’m ready for November.  Shit’s going to get real.  No more pussyfooting and being a pathetic wench.  If the sound of this frightens you, that is fine.  You can lie.  You can freak out.  You can get gone.  But don’t feign indifference.  Indifferent people don’t come to this place.  Your facade of apathy means precisely fuck all.

Here comes November.  Here comes more life in the dark.

I can’t stop dreaming of the Sandwich district in Windsor.  It’s the closest thing to Detroit we have in Canada.  I want to go there.  I want to live there amidst the burnt out and boarded up houses.  It’s calling me.  I need thousands of dollars to disappear and never be seen again.  My saving account is in the 3 digits.  My chequing in the 2.  I hate money but I have to admit, when you need the beauty of despair in your life, it sure comes in handy.

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