Been watching a lot of movies lately.  Let’s talk about Suicide Squad first.  Although I thought it was ridiculous even as far as movies about super villains go, I have to say that I think Jared Leto is the best Joker we’ve seen on the big screen.  Jack Nicholson was too old, and not to mention, too Jack Nicholson.  He played a great wacko but not necessarily a great joker.  But to his credit, at least he laughed a lot.

Heath Ledger was fucking horrible, posthumous Oscar or not.  That wasn’t The Joker.  That was just a run-of-the-mill psychopath.  One that was a pretty blatant ripoff of Tom Waits if I say so myself.  Barely laughed.  Muttered in a gravelly voice like an idiot.  No sir, did not like him.

Jared Leto was great.  He looked like him.  He employed the mannerisms.  He was loud and insane.  Not muttering like a mook and asking everyone if they know how he got his scars.  Anyway, check it out and let me know what you think in the comments.  That’s what the comments section is for.

Speaking of comments, it’s been brought to my attention by the site manager that people are sending me private messages.  Some are nonsensical gibberish and others not so nonsensical.  Listen up people.  I have contact information on how to get a hold of me.  Ok I’ll just let you know here.  My email is  Fire me an email.  I promise to get back to you as soon as possible.  I do read my emails ok?  But I don’t see my comments until they land on the big screen.  A couple years back it was being abused.  I worked out a deal with the site manager because I had to stop and turn my head until the darkness goes…..

If you don’t hear back from me within a month, then you won’t hear from me at all.  It’s over.  Move on.  Our story-lines will never ever conflict again.  If I see you out in the real world I’ll be polite because it’s only the right a decent thing to do.

On that note I promise to read every word sent to me and will provide a considerate response.  I do rather enjoy email culture.  I like being able to think about what to say and be as eloquent as possible.

Alright well I’ve had all the blog fun I can handle.  If my life continues to be as uneventful as it has been then I will get back to movie talk tomorrow.


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