So it’s been brought to my attention today that people don’t like me “because of my blog”.  I know it was said to me in an effort or attempt to moderate my behaviour.  It doesn’t work that way with me.  I thrive on people not liking me.  I embrace it.  You don’t like me and for very good reason.  I don’t need to explain it to you.  You know.  And it kills you.

I’ll tell you what.  Stop emotionally abusing people that I care about to get to me.  Congratulations coward.  You can’t face me head on because you know I will fucking spank you.  So you go after the ones I love.   You take advantage of them when they’re weak.  You are a coward.  How does that feel for you?

You know what else you are?  You are some special kind of retard.  That’s right.  You are a goofy little bastard who is fucktarded enough to keep coming out here despite “not liking me”.  You know what else that makes you?  It makes you a fucking fan.  *bows*

I didn’t create your problems.  I didn’t make you marry a hag that is going to leave you and take half of everything because you’re a spineless cunt who can’t behave when you drink.  I didn’t make you an opportunistic, butt ugly, single mother who can’t sustain a healthy relationship because you’re a duplicitous, gutless bully, who needs the energy of good people to give you some feeling of worth.

Grow the fuck up and stop coming out here if it vexes you so much.  You “don’t like me” but here you are.

Sure, I’m an asshole.  I’m moody.  I’m high strung.  I’m bipolar as all hell.  But my heart is pure.  And there is no loyalty stronger than mine.  You’re just fucking pissed off because I reject you.  You couldn’t beat me and I wouldn’t let you join me.  Want the pain to go away?  Walk the fuck away.  Get out of here.  This isn’t a nightmare.  I’m fucking real.

There is a reason I don’t have anything.  I’ve lost everything.  I don’t want what can be taken away.  I got smart.  All the best things I have are inside me.  I’ve learned to be happy with nothing.  You can’t do that.  You need whatever it is whether it be money, the gorgeous wife with no personality or soul, people to leach off of.  And you know what?  You’re still not happy.  You’re a miserable piece of fucking shit who has to shit on others because you need them to feel the way you do.  Nothing else makes sense to you.

People need love.  You will do very well to remember that.  Take that pissy fucking rage and contempt within you and bury it underneath love.  Love is the most important thing in the world.  LET GO of the fucking hate.  If you feel like shit, do something to make someone else feel good.  Whether it be some poetry, prose, or just sincere compliments in general.  It takes virtually NOTHING out of you.  It takes NO effort.  Don’t worry.  It’s not gonna cost you anything.  It’s not going to make you any butt uglier than you are.  If anything it will help take some of the pain away.  PEOPLE NEED LOVE.

How fucking dare you shit on good people because you’re a miserable cunt who does the world no good.  Heed my words.  START TODAY.  You change your fucking ways or I swear there will be a reckoning.  And I won’t have to leave my bed.  I just have to write these blogs knowing that you’re reading them and seething.



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