Life Before Dishonour

We dedicate ourselves, you insensitive cunts.

People need love.  Love will do a lot more good, than using fear and humiliation as behaviour moderators.  Yet we as human beings are never allowed to be ready to die.

Upon accepting our demise, we are seen as irrational.  Some of us came into this world without the proper tools.  So we create our own.  More often than not, those tools are seen as crude or unconventional.  Therefore, we are forced into the shadows by our lesser minded brethren.

I wish I could take all your pain away.  If I could, I would be the most powerful man in the world, but alas I am not man.  I am no man’s friend.  There is an excellent chance I will betray you, or let you down.  There is no life after Doug Hell.  If reading that statement causes you great pain, then I would reckon you know exactly what I am talking about.  And for those who don’t, you best fucking tiptoe.  Because there IS no life after Doug Hell.

For now I am stuck in this parody of reality.  I am the reckoner.  I am the angel of retribution.  I’m what never was and never will be again.  Are you paying attention?

Being a human is hard.  I am beautiful, and I am damaged.  My soul is true and more complicating than you could ever grasp.  Not even on your most insightful day.  I am in love too.  There is a girl who loves me back just as hard.

Let’s undedicate ourselves.  Set ourselves free.  All of us.


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