Legacy Of Police Brutality

I don’t know about airports.  But it’s definitely stress that gives men wings.

Listen up you sad motherfuckers.  I am a hair’s breadth away from disabling my comments section.  Are you idiots even aware of how fantastic modern technology is?  There’s not a whole lot you can’t do to expose a troll these days.

If you freaks can’t man the fuck up and post under your real names then I’m just going to disable the comments.  Get a friend.  Don’t post under the names of one of my honeys.  I know who was responsible for that malarkey.  Again, IP addresses.  How does a man in his forties go from reaching out to one of my honeys pretending to be worried about me to posting under one of their real names?  Pure honour.  ANYWAY!

I might even go a step further and use my Facebook fanpage as a personal site instead of this one.  It sure as hell is a lot easier and more convenient.  It reaches more people.  The best part, is demented cowards can’t post incognito from the shadows.  Not only that, I can block them into oblivion.  Of course they could create dummy accounts, but I have no problem with that.  If my mere existence pisses people off to the extent they have to go through great hassle just to watch me dance, then I would say that’s a good thing.  And I’m lord of the fucking dance.

What the hell did you expect I would do when I discovered you posting under a girl’s real name anyway?  Did you think my mouth would form an “O” of terror and my eyes would widen in horror?  It’s like your some kind of low-rent Hannibal Lecter.  Some kinda psychological terrorist.  What you are is a bully and a coward.  And we all know what happens to bullies when you stand up to them.  Keep your shit up and you’ll be charged for harassment.  You know everything you do online is traceable.   Trust me, I know.  I learned the hard way when I was trolling someone a few years back!  The fucking cops showed up at my house and no one even knew where the fuck I lived.  I had a fun time explaining that to my roommate and landlady.  Not that you have any shame.

I have since learned not to troll anyone.  And I don’t have to.  All I have to do is sit in my room and write.  You guys come to me.  It’s fucking legendary.  You come to me to get abused, as opposed to me having to go after you.  That grotesque little feeling you have inside you right now?  I’ll explain what that is.  That is from you knowing I am fucking someone you can’t have.  It’s from knowing I hold the magic.  It’s knowing that I can write circles around you.  It’s knowing that I am ten times the human being you could ever dream of being.  It’s knowing that I will always reject you and not let you into my world.  It’s knowing you can’t bask in my good grace, which incidentally, is the greatest place to be on earth.

This isn’t an angry guy spouting off.  I’m not a psychopath either.  A psychopath has no remorse and was born a bad person.  I have plenty of remorse and I CHOOSE to be a bad person.  You fucking hate that.  You wish you had the balls I do.  But you don’t.  And for that I must pay…..

With YOUR envy.



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  1. T says:

    “I am the lord of the fucking dance”


    Hahahaha… having been the victim of trolls myself, I find it hilarious when people go to such lengths to hide themselves out in the open. It reminds me of this can I used to have who would play with a bag or box and you just knew when she got her head in there that she thought she was invisible… except her big kitten ass was sticking way out the back, but no…. she was invisible.

    I’m kidding, cats don’t talk or have thoughts, I made that all up.

    My name is Tamara.

  2. T says:

    Fuck… I meant to say cat.

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