All Hail The Garbage People

Fuck off TWD.  Fuck you right in the fucking neck.  What the fuck were you thinking?  First colossal mistake you made was casting Jeffery Dean Morgan as Negan.  Now you’ve added a new settlement.  The fucking garbage people and their female Frankenfurter leader.   It wasn’t enough for The Kingdom, Alexandria, and Hilltop.  You added a new fucking community of poo-flinging idiots.  Why?  WHY?!

Never mind earlier in the season when you threw in that stupid community of exclusively women.  Are they even going to be back?  Or was that just some retarded side-story for Tara.  Eat a dick.  You turned Morgan into a self-righteous sanctimonious ninja.  Then you had to give us a backstory as to how and why.  I’m getting sick of this shit.

If you want to keep me as a fan, you’ll have the garbage people destroyed in the next episode.  And I mean destroyed.  I want them all zombie fodder.  I want Jeffery Dean Morgan to resign as Negan.  Bring in John Ham.  Did I spell that right?  Make him swear a lot like he does in the comics.  Do this and I promise to remain a loyal fan.  Also get Daryl to turn Tara from lesbianism.  If anyone could do it, we know it’s my boy.  Get the fuck on this.

*     *     *

To all you idiots out there who think they can give me advice, don’t.  I don’t need it.  I’m at point Z while you’re bumbling around on point K or L.  Fuck off.  You’re stupid.  I’m smart.  You know what?  I’m not even smart.  I’m wise.  Maybe I am not even wise.  But fact of the matter is I have an inordinately high IQ that makes living in a world full of fucking morons extremely daunting.

Fuck you all and leave me the hell alone.

*     *      *

So I met the father of a friend the other day.  He was a really nice guy, much as his son is.  His son’s name is Vorpal.  I’ve always admired Vorpal.  Vorpal is straight edge.  Oh wait.  Sorry.  No he’s not.  He drinks now.  What?  He drinks now?  What?  Why?  He has a gigantic tattoo on his chest that says STRAIGHT EDGE FOR LIFE.  What?  And he drinks now?  I’ve heard a lot of bullshit about people eating crow for having their exes names tattooed on them.  Oh poo!  So fucking what!  There is obviously some significance there.  But having STRAIGHT EDGE FOR LIFE tattooed on you only to start drinking?  WHAT THE FUCK?!

The best though?  I found out this little piece of information from my friend’s nice guy father.  What did father say?  Oh his new girlfriend likes to drink so he has decided to loosen up and have some drinks himself.  Sure it sounds logical and jolly when you say it out loud.  But I can’t fucking stand it.  So after all the sanctimonious lecturing about the straight edge way, you’ve decided to start drinking because YOUR FUCKING GIRLFRIEND LIKES TO DRINK!?

Don’t get me wrong.  I still like this guy but I am very disappointed and have lost a lot of respect.  Shame on you, Vorpal.

Anyway guys I am out.  PEACE!!!

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