I’ll Bet You Think This Blog Is About You

Well I was getting ready to get the ball rolling for the Doug Hell Show.  One of the people I’ve asked to participate brought their guns to town.  Rather than let me help them attain the limelight they’ve been desperately trying to achieve for years they’ll never get because a lack of the wealth of things I have, they tried to act like me, to disastrous results.  Hey be real, but at least know what the fuck you’re talking about.  And that is all the attention I am going to give the matter.  And the saddest part to all this is they’ll gleefully exclaim I walked away because they gave me “what for” as opposed to a premonition into bitchery from cheap neurosis.

I trudge on, solo, being fascinating.

*     *     *

Back to the Doug Hell show.  Shooting begins today.  I have a crew.  No producer.  I am the producer.  I may not be fancy but I have an eye for competent continuity and other great things.  I’m a fucking God.  But you all know that.

*     *     *

I have not forgotten about this blog people.  I did get an XBOX 1 recently and it’s been consuming a great deal of my time.  I’m also looking for real estate in the disgusting Durham Region.  Don’t tell me you don’t want me here anyway.  Without me you’re all just a tree in the fucking forest.  I bring you all purpose.  THERE IS NO LIFE AFTER DOUG HELL.

*     *     *

My hair is getting long again.  Incidentally it’s gorgeous on me.  I think I’ll go with it.  I have a gigantic head.  Years of inflated ego will do that to a man.  But the long hair brings balance.


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  1. T says:

    I don’t normally make assumptions, I have the balls to ask… or at least the curiosity.

    Is it?

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