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What a pointless endeavour.  It’s the witching hour.  So it’s the beginning of Saturday?  Well not anymore.  So much has been happened now.  But as I write this, I imagine everyone merry out at the bar like it means something.  Hey look at me!  I drink alcohol!  I am significant!  It’s only a matter of time before I step outside for a cigarette.  That’s when the real spectacularity begins.  I will be seen smoking a cigarette.  This will validate me as a cool person.  When the bar closes I’ll stagger home alone, or if I’m lucky, with a big fat chick.  Hopefully she won’t mind my stinky home.  Hopefully she’ll bounce (no pun intended) before the light shines down on a month’s worth of dirty dishes and laundry…  I don’t mind that my unfixed cat is spraying everywhere.  Why should she, right?

Then after I bum her last cigarette and she leaves I’ll get on my phone because I can’t afford a computer.  I’ll go to Doug Hell’s blog so I can be angry.  Doug Hell makes me angry.  Just who does he think he is anyway.

*     *     *


I’ve been listening to a lot of punk rock lately.  I’ve kinda gotten back on that train.  I’m more of a poppy punk guy though.  I adore MTX’s cover of Ramones’ Questino

Guy I’m sorry.  I’m out of gas.  I’m just so uninspired.  That and this italic bullshit magically started.  I didn’t try to write in Italic.  I’m so sad.  Please listen to this song.  It’s gorgeous.



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