Life Ain’t Always Fair Even When We Do Our Best To Be

HI guys.  As you can see I’ve added a few videos to the site.  At least it’s not so sterile now.  Also, those songs won’t be appearing on my upcoming album, I Saw The Devil And He Looks Like Hell.  This will be the tack listing for the album but not necessarily in this order:

100 Times
Cindy 500
Come On
Center Of Attention
Happy Ending
Jesus Christ Is Here To Stay
The End Of Everything
Baby I Abused You
I Wanna Be Kody Templeman
Meghan Hangs Out
Mental Case
Not Ashamed
Down To You

Recording will commence in August.  I have a superstar line-up including members of The Nasites, The Rezentments, and Forgotten Rebels.

This will be a very, very, upbeat record.  For all the years I spent making you feel like shit, I’m going to make up for it.

Thanks for tuning in guys.



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Dare To Dream Again

I’m really sorry guys.  Truly.  I’ve been stifled.  I’ve been ridiculed into submission.  This site is a parody of what it once was.  My album was due out in February.  I’ve been running around the province trying to be a hero, only to be stabbed in the heart.  I’ll tell you something.  I’m relived.  Never again will I be involved with the scourge that was undoing me.  This isn’t shit talk.  It’s glory talk.  I survived.

It sure has humbled me though.  I learned so much about human nature as much as I learned about myself.  I need to re-connect with all my old friends again.

In the spirit of my crippling depression and heartbreak, I bring you this:

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Crazy Boy Meets Crazy Girl

Broken love.  I don’t want it.  It makes my skin crawl.  None of the shit is worthwhile.  I crave the cold.  It’s a healthy and righteous cold.

I close my eyes, and just think for a while.

I long for your touch.  I always knew.  I just always knew.  The northern cold shows it’s true soul.  It removes the shelter of sinners and fornicators.

I was cursed to be born.  Beautiful.  My beauty is my cruse.  It makes me a target.  If I open my soul then nothing and no one is safe.  You can’t hide.

I open my eyes and you disappear.  One day I will see you again.  You took my worst hours and burned them to the ground, and replaced them with rapture. For that alone I will love you until I die.

Now the moon whispers to me.  I won’t fall short.  I will be strong and purposeful.  I know love now.  I accept these feelings, and I don’t dishonour them.  I smile and the night explodes with laughter.

For now I can only speculate, maybe dream.  I close my eyes and hold you tight once again.  I breathe in your sweet smell that isn’t there, but in my head, but is very real.

Crazy boy meets crazy girl.

Let it all begin.

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Series Of Echoes

Last night, a messenger came to me, grabbed me by my hair and said “Doug, let’s go”.

It might as well be morning right now.  The birds are singing their melodies of morning.  They’re mourning for me.  I tell them not to cry for me.  But they do.  I am pure.  My pain is their pain.  I gaze to the South.

The ghost was sad and sang out of key like me.

Home has evolved once again.  I’ve learned to accept home is relative.  It’s nothing more than an idea.  I am beautiful, therefore I will always be ok.

Illusions of your smile dissipate.  This is goodbye, or at least until that day.

The circle will be unbroken.  Everything will continue to turn.  There is beauty in hell.

I look to the north again.  The clouds are communing for another dance.  The trees watch me sympathetically.  I don’t need their sympathy.  I’m best when I’m melancholy.  With happiness comes creative sterility, and I need to remain vital.

I make eye contact with a robin.  There is no fooling the birds.  They’re not your despicable family after all.  They see the real you, not the you they need to see to make them feel better about themselves.  We share a moment.  I smile at it as though we were opponents in chess and I just removed its queen from the board.

There is something to be said for this life.  Life and all it’s delusions are fucking beautiful.  Life resonates.

Life kills.

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Mind Spiders

I tell myself it’s just begun.  This curse that keeps me young.  Even in the darkest of my dreams.  It’s the same fucking shit.  Take me.  I don’t want your energy but just take me.  Help me belong somewhere.  Put me in a room out of sight and out of mind, then forget about me.  Use my energy to stay luminous.  I ask nothing of you other than my need for solitude and peace.  I don’t have time for life, but it keeps rearing it’s ugly head when I have other things in mind.

There world is too big and I am small.  I’m not interested in the high life.  I’ve already found within myself what you need to feel complete.  Don’t abuse me ever, because I am the only one in your soul and circle who will be completely honest with you.  It’s not in my best interest to stay in your good graces.  I’m better off in your ire, then I won’t ever be required to be in your presence.

I’m back.  For those of you who are interested in that.  I’m broken but being broken never ever felt so fucking good.  You can see it in my vapid gaze.  I’m coming off the cross.

My moves aren’t looking so hot.  Especially from where I stand, whilst my head spins like merry-go-left.  All I can feel is this overwhelming urge to destroy the road that leads back to you.


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Barking Shadows

Hey guys.

I head into pre-production tomorrow.  I’m hanging up my acoustic guitar for good.  I’m a dreadful singer.  Believe it or not I sound pretty badass singing punk rock though.  I am dusting off a couple Radar Hate numbers.  The Doug Hell song you’ve come to know and love as Voices wasn’t always that weepy.  When Radar Hate did it, it was desperate, manic, and downright hateful.  I was never happy with the way Negator sang it.  I’m not sure I was happy with much of anything that Negator actually sang but his presence in the band as a player and friend was very welcome and refreshing.  So Voices in it’s original form will be making an appearance, as well as Megan Hangs Out, Away, Gremlinface, Brand New Bike.  There are some new ones as well as a couple Hanging Girl rejects.  There will also be a covers of Killer Dwarfs and Husker Du songs.

This album is going to be my best work to date.  It will be simple, but very intense, hooky, and downright brooding.  I listen to the demos regularly and often, with the confidence of knowing I’m holding the winning cards.

That’s for coming out guys.  I’ll keep you posted.

*     *     *

Hanging Girl was that band.  We were together for the underside of a year before imploding.  It was ego and industry meddling that broke us up.  Hanging Girl was a very special band.  I sift through the videos on Youtube.  There are thousands of views.  They don’t seem to be slowing down.  I have spoken to people who follow the band who didn’t even know I was a part of it.  It had gotten that big.

It’s a sad shame but I am excited about my musical future.  I have complete creative control and autonomy.  I’m working with people who not only understand this is my rodeo, but are honoured to be a part of it.  I’m very thankful for that.

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