Mind Spiders

I tell myself it’s just begun.  This curse that keeps me young.  Even in the darkest of my dreams.  It’s the same fucking shit.  Take me.  I don’t want your energy but just take me.  Help me belong somewhere.  Put me in a room out of sight and out of mind, then forget about me.  Use my energy to stay luminous.  I ask nothing of you other than my need for solitude and peace.  I don’t have time for life, but it keeps rearing it’s ugly head when I have other things in mind.

There world is too big and I am small.  I’m not interested in the high life.  I’ve already found within myself what you need to feel complete.  Don’t abuse me ever, because I am the only one in your soul and circle who will be completely honest with you.  It’s not in my best interest to stay in your good graces.  I’m better off in your ire, then I won’t ever be required to be in your presence.

I’m back.  For those of you who are interested in that.  I’m broken but being broken never ever felt so fucking good.  You can see it in my vapid gaze.  I’m coming off the cross.

My moves aren’t looking so hot.  Especially from where I stand, whilst my head spins like merry-go-left.  All I can feel is this overwhelming urge to destroy the road that leads back to you.


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