Life Ain’t Always Fair Even When We Do Our Best To Be

HI guys.  As you can see I’ve added a few videos to the site.  At least it’s not so sterile now.  Also, those songs won’t be appearing on my upcoming album, I Saw The Devil And He Looks Like Hell.  This will be the tack listing for the album but not necessarily in this order:

100 Times
Cindy 500
Come On
Center Of Attention
Happy Ending
Jesus Christ Is Here To Stay
The End Of Everything
Baby I Abused You
I Wanna Be Kody Templeman
Meghan Hangs Out
Mental Case
Not Ashamed
Down To You

Recording will commence in August.  I have a superstar line-up including members of The Nasites, The Rezentments, and Forgotten Rebels.

This will be a very, very, upbeat record.  For all the years I spent making you feel like shit, I’m going to make up for it.

Thanks for tuning in guys.



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  1. Swanson says:

    Great track

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