The internet is fucking great.  You don’t even have to be original anymore.  This is the information age.  But information aside, you don’t even have to be creative.  Need something witty to say?  The internet is FULL of memes.  Need something creative to say?  Again, the internet is full of art and beauty you can pass off as your own.  You don’t like someone and you don’t have the stones to tell them to their face?  Relax!  You can wreak havoc in their life and make them miserable.  Just find a way too access them.  Maybe it’s by email.  Maybe through their website!  Guestbook!  Comments section!  Why do something to make someone feel good when you can make them feel bad!  The INTERNET has been making this easy.

Everyone can be someone now.  You don’t even have to look good.  All you need is chops.  But you’re not getting anywhere without the chops.  It’s nice to look good.  It’s nice to have the desire to have talent, but you know in comparison to having chops?  YOU’RE NOTHING!

It’s good to be back.  I was in a slump there for awhile but I’m back.  Where have I been?  Growing.  Learning.  KICKING FUCKING ASS.  I’m so proud of everything and the growth I’ve accomplished these last few months.  I really raised the bar on being strong.

Avoid the destroyers.  It’s all they’re good for.  Destroying.  But they’re no good for creating.  I’m a creator.  I bring relevance and beauty to pretty much anyone and anything associated with me.  That is why people cling to my energy.  It’s why girls don’t get over me.  It’s why you’re here.  You can loathe me, just don’t stop reading. 🙂  I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again ten million times.  THERE IS NO LIFE AFTER DOUG HELL.

The destroyers are offended gigantically by people like me.  It’s bliss for a creator.  All I have to do, is make myself happy and do what I love, and it DESTROYS the destroyer.  There is no fury like the fury accrued through being denied my attention.

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