And there it is.  He races out of the gate with the strength of a lion.  Just like that.  It’s right there in the title.  Doug Hell can fucking write.  You’re riveted.  Imagine how I feel having this power.  I don’t have a God complex.  I AM a fucking God.

Well it seems my shenanigans have exceeded me once again.  I managed to piss off a very good friend of mine, and I can’t for the life of me figure out how.  It’s not like he is apocalyptic pissed off but I managed to vex him somewhere along the way,

This may be routine for some, but I generally only seem to piss off people who deserve to be pissed off.  This person doesn’t.  This person believes in me and my talent more than I believe in myself sometimes.  We’re still cool and everything but it inspires me to check my head a little bit.

It also makes me feel a little sad for some of my haters.  Thankfully, there is no one of any real consequence or substance who is rooting against me.  I still get Wednesday 13 fans giving me the dickens.  One of them went as far as telling me they have a closed group of people on Facebook who actually make it their business to seek out every video I post and add dislikes to it.  That doesn’t actually bother me.  If I get enough dislikes I may get up to 666 and that would be cool, no?

Again, I am sad for these people.  You best believe it too.  Maybe not the Wednesday 13 fans but there are people out here who have NOTHING.  Perhaps they have a home or a job or whatnot.  Great.  You hate your job and you can’t keep your home without working it.  You’ll do this till you retire.  Bravo.  But these people also don’t have a single person in their life who have their back.  Their entire life is a manipulative facade.

I can only give you this advice.  Do what you have to do to be happy NOW.  As in now.  And I mean healthy genuine happiness.  Don’t suffer in vain to create an illusion of happiness.  That is laughable.  I’ll choose genuine happiness any day.  I don’t particularly give a ripe fuck if anyone believes I am happy or not.  Because I’m NOT always happy and it’s fine that people know that too.  Ahhhhh to be real.  It’s just so fucking liberating.

So I jammed with a bass player last night.  He is in one of Canada’s biggest punk bands already but has the time for me because I’m a gnarly dude who deserves good things.  Also when I actually take off there is no way in hell he’ll fight the good fight in a band that can’t sustain itself.  The Doug Hell brand is totally going to be a lucrative endeavor.  I have too much sway as it is and huge connections.  I just have to stay focused and stop fucking around.  I’m my own worst enemy.

I can’t wait to get on a stage again and be the envy of every man and the product of every woman’s desire.  There I will be moving fucking air while you’re standing there with your tears of frustration glaring at your imaginary fruit baskets on either side of you, wishing you were a part of my amazing energy.

It’s time to shine.

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