I am a window.  I am fragile, transparent, and I protect you from the rain, whilst getting rained on myself.

You should have believed me.  You should have believed me when I said never again.  But as usual, you weren’t paying attention, or were far too willing to call my bluff.  I didn’t realize it was a bluff until now.  But now it’s real.

The sound of your voice was once wind chimes to my psychology.  Now it’s a death knell.  You best shut the fuck up now.  I’ve stopped listening, deeming you powerless in your blight of humanity.

Your voice will never drive me wild again.

*     *     *

Next step is repairing.  A radical change in environment.  A lifestyle change.  All the chess pieces are in place.  This is a game I can’t lose.  And shut the fuck up Smiley, I know you constantly humiliated me at chess.  I’m speaking in metaphor.

It has become abundantly clear this album of mine has to be made more than ever.  I know in my heart it will help people.  It will remove the blinders.  It will provide shelter.  I finally manned up and got a track listing down in stone.  It’s hard to say it’s my best work when I have such a goldmine of material.  But it’s pretty damn good.  It will be done with a full band, including members of Canadian Indie heavyweights, Trole.

*     *     *
I am afraid I won’t be seeing many of you ever again.  But I love you all.

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