I Will Make You Wish You Never Died

Just a fair warning to those in reality.  Your reality is a parody of my reality.  Your reality isn’t real.  My reality?  Very real.  You don’t want to cross over into my reality.  Particularly not when I have diamonds in my eyes.

People are weak.  You people cheat.  You fuck around.  You people lie and manipulate.  But when it comes time to point fingers, you point at what terrifies you because it’s a convenient lie that is too easy to believe.

But do you believe?  Or is it just the alternative is too damn terrifying?

Fuck Doug Hell!  He’s a douchebag!

Why?  Because I don’t lie?  Is it because I’m not socially agreeable enough?  I don’t have time or the room to be socially agreeable.  I’m too busy waging a one man war on myself.  I am in constant danger.  I don’t have the fucking time to be socially agreeable.

I don’t have the fucking time to pretend to believe your fucking bullshit!  I’m at war!  Words are my bullets.  I have an arsenal.  My bullets will fly and all you creatively bankrupt fucking hacks will sing along because you have no choice.  When it comes to creativity, I am a world superpower.  I am the United State, Israel, Britain, North Korea, China, and Russia combined.

Come at me.  I’ll fucking spank you.  I’ve yet to have a single person come out here using their real name and throw down.  It’s always some coward who pretends to be someone else.  I don’t respond.  Why?  I don’t have to.  I’ve already won.  I’ll write another opus and they will go cry in their cornflakes.

But Doug, why can’t you just be a little nicer?  Are you not paying attention?  I’m at war.  I am a blight.  I am a scourge.  I must be stopped.  No one can stop me but me.  So I’m a little tied up right now.

How can you be so mean to Lucius?  He’s such a good guy!  Is he?  Why?  Because he’s really good at pretending to be nice?  Lucius is not a good guy.  Lucius is a good actor.  Lucius will send your girlfriend pictures of his dick.  I don’t care how friendly looking Lucius is when he smiles.  I don’t care how loud and jovial Lucius is when he laughs.  Lucius is a disgusting flotsam of a human being.

Lucius knows it.  And he knows I know it.  Therefore Lucius is going to shun me.  Wise move Lucius.  You best avoid me.

So go cry you bunch of fucking pussies.  Being socially putrid and able to see through someone’s bullshit doesn’t make me a fucking asshole.  I’m a fucking asshole because I choose to be.

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