Some Of Us Stick To The Darkness Where We Know We’ll Never Be Judged

I made a great album.  It sounds like shit.  But it sounds like me.  I took it down from Bandcamp.  You can listen to it for free on Youtube.  It’s the greatest garage-pop record ever made.  It has gorgeous melodies.  The lyrics are somewhere between Roger Waters and Leonard Cohen.  The melodies are Brian Wilson.  But better.  I love this fucking record.

I’m ready to make another one.  I’m going to be doing this one with Prentice Man.  Prentice is the best friend I’ve ever had and a PERFECT drummer.  He gets it.  I’ve never met a smarter, more reliable drummer in my life.  The other thing I love about Prentice is he is a songwriter himself.  He knows the craft.  He’s also a prickly bullshit caller who doesn’t take anyone’s shit.  But most of all, he knows how fucking great he is and isn’t afraid to let you know it.  I respect that.  Who wouldn’t want a guy like that on their side?  Oh wait, I know.  Some politically correct assfuck sheep cocksucking pussyclown.

Good thing I ain’t that.

So I saved someone’s life.  It’s a true story.  And I am going to dedicate myself at my own monetary and mental expense to keep her safe.  Other than making the greatest music ever made, I have another purpose.  I know how it feels to be given up on and abandoned.  I know what it’s like to have a manipulative greasy family.  If I can, I will do my absolute best to not let that happen to someone with mental illness.  That is cruel and unusual.  The supports in this world for mental illness fucking suck enough as it is.  Throw in absence of human compassion and ignorance and it’s a million times worse.

I’m here for you.  I’m here for all of you.  I don’t have any enemies.  I’ve made my peace and can have a cordial conversation with anyone.  But I am here for you.  Reach out if you ever need to talk or just need someone to listen.

I love you all.

Doug Hell


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