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Album is in the can.  It will be posted at the bottom of this message.  It’s a hell of a lot more polished than previous efforts but it’s still crusty.  The drums still sound silly.  But there it is.  Some songs have reappeared from previous incarnations.  Suffer.

You will notice the names of the songs are interchangeable.  Suffer.  It does have the best recording of “Away” which is now called “It’ll Be Alright”.  I picked the most straightforward names of the songs to avoid any confusion.  There is nothing confusing about me after all.

Apparently this recording is being watched by more reputable eyes.  Here is the deal.  I’ll write music for you and make you very rich.  All I ask for is a nice small row house in Hamilton, and another one in the Woodbridge district of Detroit, and enough of a salary to eat well and keep me up on decent gear.  You will also have to pay enough of a salary to people of my choosing to lure them away from their current lives.  I don’t want your people.  You work with my people.  We do it MY way.  You don’t understand.  You can’t buy me.  I am perfectly content to make records from my bedroom for the rest of my life.

I’m not doing this for the girls or the money.  I don’t want to tour the world.  I don’t want to leave my house if I can help it.  If I am not going hungry then everything else in life is fucking icing.

I didn’t cheat on this album either.  I didn’t record ten million tracks.  I don’t believe in that fucking shit.  How do you recreate that live?  There is A drum track.  There is AN electric guitar track.  There is ONE acoustic guitar track.  There is ONE bass track.  The vocals are not double tracked.  The only thing I overdubbed was backup vocals and I’m glad I did.  They really make the choruses pop.

I offer no apologies for this record.  I made a perfect pop record.  It’s catchy as all hell.  You can actually tell what’s going on.  I’m proud of it.  It’s just so melodic.

I’ll put up a track listing as soon as I can.  It’s just really late and I have diarrhea cramps.  I really need to get surgery for my internal hemmorrhoids.  It’s just hard when you move around so much and can’t procure a steady doctor.

My life has been an unstable lark up to this point, but living on passionate whim has lost its shine.  I want stability.

Ok never mind.  I actually just took the time to put the track listing and time stamps on it.  There you go.



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