Life Was Good But Then It All Exploded

I’m almost done the new album.  I just need Prentice Man to lay the drums.  I can’t believe how awesome it’s turning out.  Studio monitors make all the difference.  You can’t really mix an album using the speaker on your flat screen TV.  Again, I attest that I like shitty production.  But then I’m constantly getting people asking for a lyric sheet.  So now I’ve begrudgingly put a little but of extra effort in making these damn recordings sound the best that I can.  Hopefully you’ll be able to actually make out lyrics.

Yeah so the studio monitors are doing the trick.  It’s almost too polished for my liking.  The fake drums sound silly as per expected.  But I’ve literally used nothing but a mic I bought at a liquidation warehouse for 2 bucks.  The only amp I have used for guitar is a tiny Yamaha practice amp.  It’s retarded how good things are sounding.  I guess it’s just something I happen to be getting really good at.

This week has been tough mentally.  Suicide really is a long term solution to a short term problem.  There was one really bad day, but then the next day it wasn’t so bad.  So it’s a good thing I didn’t commit to dying.

It’s really funny when that shit happens.  Generally my friends will keep a distance, and rightly so.  What do you do in a situation like that?  I think I’m a pretty good contender for the most dramatic 44 year old man living.  So the wise generally stay away and let my psychosis run its course.  People know I’m really not ever in any danger.

Not to sound like a broken record but this album is pretty amazing.  Huge choruses with melodies that will make the hair on your arms stand up.  I should shut up.  I learned a long time ago that even in spite of my genius, people won’t give me a fair listen simply because I’m an asshole.  Not that assholes in rock and roll don’t exist.  I’m just pretty sure I’m a bigger narcissistic asshole than all of them combined.

It’s really hard to be humble when you know you can’t be touched when it comes to the art of song.  Just typing that sentence alone will inspire ire in other songwriters and fans of music alike.  But I have to be real. I’m certainly not saying I’m the only one out there with talent.  There are a lot of great songwriters out there.  I just stand alone on a higher mountain.

Thanks for checking in on me.  I actually watched the fight tonight.  I know nothing of the sport and have a hard time watching two grown men try to hurt each other in any capacity, but I declare Connor the winner.  I think he far exceeded every skeptic’s expectations.  Something I wish I could do.  When you write the way I do, people take it for granted.  They’re never surprised when I do something amazing, because it’s expected of me.  And that is why I’ll never get ahead.  I am incapable of impressing anyone and I’m wildly unreliable, and unpredictable.

Till next time, fellows.


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  1. T says:

    Ha. You impress me all the time, but is that because I’m impressionable?

    Welcome back.

  2. Swanson says:

    I’m glad you’re not dead Doug. Though, we would still finish the album 😉

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