There will be no Radar Hate reunion.  Let’s get that straight.  The original line-up of Radar Hate could never co-exist.  Not to mention it sucks.  Badge can’t play the drums to save his life.  On top of that, I would slap the shit out of him and I am not a violent man.  He’s just the type of person who needs to be slapped.  He’s a renegade in his little white trash paradise of a backyard but he’s all mouth.

Sure.  I’m one to talk.

You don’t move on after having Prentice for a drummer.  It’s Prentice or it’s a drum machine.  I’ll gladly take either but I’ll never work with a human drummer again.  Ever.  If I do any other side project than Doug Hell it’s going to be with a different singer.  I would love to do Hanging Girl again.  But Geoff’s bass and my guitar playing made Hanging Girl the success it was.  Sick Girl and her Madonna/The Joker shenanigans were aesthetically pleasing in her various clown outfits, but she couldn’t sing live to save her life.

So there will be no Hanging Girl reunion.  It would work without Sick GIrl or Scotty.  I would prefer a female singer who didn’t jump around like an over-caffeinated monkey.  Someone who takes the Liam Gallagher approach to singing.  Just stand there and sing your ass off.  You’re still cool.

Geoff lives in Oshawa.  Hanging Girl would only need Geoff and myself to be great.  But alas, we’re too far away from each other to make it work.  We tried twice to make Hanging Girl without Geoff and we failed.  The record company wanted a prettier band with less talent.  We tried.  We failed.

I would LOVE to start a noise-rap band.  Similar to Beastie Boys but more fucked up.  I want to be to rap what the Butthole Surfers are to punk rock.  FUCKED UP.  Being the world’s greatest guitar player, I would obviously play guitar.  I would need a couple MCs and turntablist or something.  It would be so fucked up.

Ok all that foolishness aside, I realize how ridiculous I’ve become.  I ONLY listen to my own music.  I don’t just listen, but I am riveted by it.  If people actually smoked a joint and sat down and listened to one of my albums they would be riveted too.  But people are generally more concerned with eating cheeseburgers, smoking cigarettes, drinking, watching porno, or chasing skirts.  This is not a judgement anymore than my earlier comments about Sick GIrl’s abilities as a performer.  Sick Girl is easily the best songwriter and collaberator I ever worked with.  I loved her voice and it evoked huge passion when she did ballads.  But she wanted to be a badass rocker instead and it just didn’t work for her.

So tonight I have my first jam with my new band.  Rather, history will be made tonight.  Wait.

Fuck, I’m beautiful.

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