After hours of scholarly thinking, I have decided to call my band, Doug And The Drugs.  I am a genius for thinking of that.  It’s 100% original and thought of only by me.

First rehearsal was a hellride.  The bass player never showed up.  Erik ended up playing the bass.  He’s about as bad on bass as I am on guitar.  So I would like to recant my previous statement about being the greatest guitar player in the world.  I’m going back on bass.  I’m more comfortable on the bass, not to mention I’m a jedi on it.  What’s right.  What’s up?

Three piece again.  What’s up with that?  Well that is fine.  Prentice and I are easily the world’s greatest rhythm section besides the bass player and drummer for Seether, whatever the fuck their names are.  They’re.. so… good.

I do wish Lumpy was singing though so I could just play the bass.  Or I wish someone could play bass and i could just sing.  Lumpy is in another band now.

Our first run of show will be with The Vapids.  Those will likely be happening in December/January.  That gives us little time to get our poop in a group but none of us have day jobs so all is well in Hell.

Needless to say we’ll be stripping down the sound.  The Arcade Fire thing was fun while it lasted but I’ve learned you have to write stuff that translates well live.  The last couple albums really haven’t done that.  I think too much when I’m playing.  I don’t want to think when I’m playing.  If I’m thinking then I’m playing from the brain and not from the heart.

I’m really looking forward to making records with an actual band again.  There’s nothing like it.

Here is a demo of how we’re going to sound, only with better production.


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