It’s Good To Rock

In the wake of yesterday’s tragedy, I feel a sense of responsibility to say something on the matter.

Ladies and gentleman, I implore you not to try to make sense of this senseless act.  Rational words will never fully justify irrational behaviour.  We can debate terrorism.  We can debate religion, gun control, and mental illness.  Or we can beat a dead horse until it starts talking.

Broadening our understanding of the insidious aspects of life will not stop these things from happening.  Our world will never be perfect.  Stricter gun law will not end these tragedies.  Nor will declaring war on terrorism.  You can’t blame religion for this.  Even when people buy whatever it is you’re trying to sell, there will be the people who oppose it.  There will always be conflict.

There is no solution to the problem.  Life just fucking sucks sometimes.  But it is life after all, and it has to AND WILL go on.  Every single one of us have a responsibility and the power to employ an active role in perpetuating good.

Give the ones you love a hug.  Play the music that pleases your ears and makes you happy.  Take a chance and let someone know how you’re feeling about them.  Be the absolute best person you can be, taking as few casualties as possible.

Most of all, accept that life is going to be a little fucked up sometimes, but further accept it can also be very beautiful.  I don’t have solutions.  But I do have thoughts on the matter.  And these are it.

There is no scholastic perspective.  Just my feelings.  Whether they are valid or not, there are at least 15,165 people who are paying attention.  I implore you people to love hard.  Love will always be a more powerful force than hate.  Be a creator, not a destroyer.  When you fall on the street, don’t be the person who thinks someone is going to run you over.  Be the person who knows someone is going to help you up.

It’s not a cliche.  The laws of attraction exist.  You get what you put out.

I love you all, and thank you for making my life a worthwhile endeavour.

Doug Hell

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  1. CS says:

    No words. Last week it was, ” YOU TELL ME FUCK OFF??!!!!” because I was proud of you and now you’re posting ridiculous pictures. Uhuhuhuhuhuhu!

    Well, you’re a cluck for only lasting 3 days, Oeuf.


    • Doug Hell says:

      What the hell is so ridiculous about a cat photo-shopped into a baby’s arms? It’s freakin’ cute. That is if we’re talking about the same picture. I didn’t check. Self-importance has got me down. And to be fair, I didn’t tell you to fuck off. I said this:


      I should brag to everyone about that instead of reassure them I don’t have any contact with you anymore other than emails.

      Be real. What I am becoming is real. It’s not a role I am playing because I think everyone is watching. It’s also not going to go to the poops when I’m having a bad day.

      This is goodbye. I’m not going to read your response. I’m tired of reading someone else’s literature being passed off as your own. You’re not a supernova. You’re a negative vortex of hate and completely incapable of maintaining a positive relationship with ANYONE.

      I sincerely and honestly hope that one day you realize you can’t just be a goof to the world and expect to be forgiven just because a little time has passes.

      And for the record, I do forgive you. I want nothing but the best for you and your GORGEOUS family. You’ve worked hard to get where you are.


      That being said. Hello. My biggest weakness is following things through. Hence being back in a minimal amount of days. I don’t know if you responded to that email or not. You don’t have access to me anymore. You’re a very disturbed human being to constantly make overtures to a person who wants nothing to do with you.

      You’re a disturbed and obsessed human being to want to even make comments on this site. This is the last time I will address the matter. I am not letting you in on the magic anymore. This is my show. Start your own site! You can give tips on how to smack women around or troll websites. You can teach people how to fruitlessly discredit reputable hardworking contractors with families to feed.

      This is your best chance at becoming a creator as opposed to a destroyer.

      Stop the bullying. You’re not scary. You’re a joke.

      To everyone else. Don’t let people like this bully you. I think there are a lot of people out there who know a person like this. They troll your site. They mouth off incognito then pretend to care about you from the other side of their face. They only want your attention. DO NOT give it to them. And when they stop getting it, they will try to hurt you. And when they can’t hurt you, they will try to make you like them. And when you don’t like them they will try to hurt you again, OR pretend to have seen the err of their ways only to stab you in the back again once you start to trust them. When they realize they have nothing left to get out of you, all they have left is the burning desire to pester you. Don’t shine a light down on them like I am doing right now. I’m simply doing this to educate and make an example. Delete them. Get your revenge by being the best person you can be, and the best you can be to others. Be a creator. Not a destroyer.


      Your house is clean. 🙂

      • Doug Hell says:


        I can’t do this. How do people derive any freakin’ pleasure from being mean to someone? I used to do it all the time because I actually thought I was being funny. Like it always game from a friendly place. Problem though was my deadpan was too good and I was always taken seriously.

        Either way, I not only don’t derive any kind of pleasure from flying off the handle there. I FEEL BAD ABOUT IT.

        Here I am pontificating on being nice and merciful and whatever else only to be a big FAT hypocrite.

        My two biggest weaknesses? Not following things through and HYPOCRISY!

        I didn’t need to say about 75% of the things in that rant that I did. And I apologize to everyone, including Smiley, for my pathetic conduct. I’m just not that freakin’ angry anymore. I don’t want people to feel bad from the things I say. I mean that.

        So I am going to leave this shit up there as a further example how NOT to be. I’m really sorry folks. I was out of line.

        Smiley, there won’t be anymore emails exchanged between us, nor will any of your future messages be approved. But should I see you on the street, you’re not going to get any grief from me. We’ve never really had problems in person. It all started with the internet like everyone else. We be cool, old friend.


    • Christopher Charles Smyllie says:

      Yes, that’s it. I hit a nerve as usual. Hehe hehe. De black.

  2. F Hussam says:

    Defamation is defined in Black’s Law Dictionary3 as:

    The act of harming the reputation of another by making a false statement to a third person…A false written or oral statement that damages another’s reputation.4
    More specifically, a defamatory statement is defined as:

    A statement that tends to injure the reputation of a person referred to in it. The statement is likely to lower that person in the estimation of reasonable people and in particular to cause that person to be regarded with feelings of hatred, contempt, ridicule, fear, or dislike.

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