Reinventing Scrooge

Yeah it’s been slow on here.  I’ve been busy.  I know everyone says that.  It’s like the universal get out of jail free card.  Scranton!  I haven’t seen you in ages!  What gives?!

Uhhhhh I’ve been busy.

Ok there is thirty seconds of my life I have wasted and will never get back.

If someone talks to my Webmaster, could you tell him that I am having issues updating this site?  Like I want to check out some new templates and it won’t let me do jack.  Get on that, webmaster.

So my new hobby is making memes.  I’ve been trying to start new Youtube shows, but I have this whole problem with seeing things through.  I suck all day.

Making memes is fun.  And if I can be so arrogant as to say so, I’m fairly good at it.  I’ll post a few that I started with.  When they sink in I’ll just start a separate page for them. Oh and way I say i am good at memes, I don’t mean the visual aspect. I am horrible at photo-editing. I could use some help..

Thanks for keeping on people.  I hope you all have a merry Christmas.

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