Standing In The Shadow Of The Loneliest Word

Honesty.  There is not a lot of value in it.  Sure there is honour, and gads of it.  But it won’t do you much good.


I’ve learned a lot about being honest.  People don’t like it.  No one wants to know they look fat in a dress, or if their ass is flabby.  People don’t want to know their hat looks fucking stupid.  Ok these are bad examples.


I’m a ninja when it comes to spotting a liar.  Everyone has a bunch of tells.  Some of them obvious, and some of them not so much.  But more importantly I have learned not to give away that I know what someone is lying or not.  Lying really is a science.


I’ll give you people this one for free.  A good indicator of someone who is honest is if you don’t like what they’re telling you.  We’re not talking about trolls who call you a fatass and you happen to be fat.  We’re talking about a person who has no quarrel with you and they’re telling you something to really don’t like.  Chances are you don’t like it because it’s true.


The teller of truth intimidates the FUCK out of people.  It intimidates people to the point where they’ll do what they have to do to avoid any type of interaction with the truth teller.  Even if it means lying their way out of it, or pretending to believe a lie because the alternative is too damn terrifying.


There are advantages to being a truth teller.  It keeps shitty people from liking you.  It keeps them away.  It will make GOOD people respect you.  The truth may not set you free per se, but it will only keep you surrounded by good people.  That suits me just fine.


The truth is a very, very scary demon to those who don’t want anything to do with it.  You will cling to your comforting lies because they offer you shelter.  There is no warmth and sanctuary in the truth.  The truth is a wasteland of honesty, and virtue.  Why go there when you can bask in the lying sun.


Wielding the truth like a switchblade can stab a manipulator right through the heart before they even have a chance to draw their weapon.


Start carrying.

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