The Visions We Amend

Well that sure wasn’t expected.  My memes are on FIRE.  What started out as a result of too much wit to know what to do with, has turned into a lucrative market.  I’m receiving emails up the wazoo over these memes.  Ok guys.  I’m going to be frank.  While I consider myself a ninja when it comes to wit, I did not expect this overwhelming response.  These things have exploded.  And you know what?  The well is never going to run dry.  I am an intractable source of creativity.  But not only that, it takes no effort.  Being witty and creating memes that is.  It’s nothing.  It’s easier to me to do this than it is for you to think you have some kind of relevance in the world.  It’s THAT EASY.


Now what do I do?  I mean I am a musician and a poet.  I think that I am better at writing songs than creating memes, but that is neither here nor there.  I won’t let money near my art for the simple fact I don’t want to corrupt the integrity of it.  The day I sit down with a pen, paper, guitar, and tape-recorder, for the purpose of making money, will be a cold day in hell.  But memes?  I don’t consider my wit an untouchable, and sacred entity.

So what.  That doesn’t change anything.  I will continue to give them away.  I will obstruct the system that tries to capitalize monetarily on someone else’s art.  Fuck you system.  Let my art be free for all!  The only thing I will allow monetary gain on will be this site because I made a deal with an awesome friend and mentor.  This site has yet to make a penny, but that is besides the point!

I thank all my friends in the light and shadows alike.  You guys will never let me down.

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